Writing Point

Writing Point is a meeting point and resource for FSV faculty and researchers who wish to write academic texts in English. Whether it be point counterpoint or point of view, writing to the point and not beside the point, points well made and those well taken.

This Writing Point web site is continuously evolving: it collects together useful and reliable resources for developing English language and academic writing skills. When online resources seem to be lacking for a topic, we create our own; when there are resources available, we include a link to them only when we have checked them. To start navigating the web site begin by selecting from the menu of Words, Sentences, Paragraphs and Text genre, or browse Frequent mistakes.

Our blog features weekly posts on aspects of the English language and Anglo-American academic writing to help enrich your own English and tailor your academic texts to an international audience.

Soon we will offer face-to-face consultations on academic and research writing, meeting over the course of a writing project that you are undertaking (such as an abstract, journal article, thesis, conference proposal, curriculum vitae or essay). The goal is to provide support for specific academic writing projects while simultaneously fostering development of English academic writing skills. Please note this will not be a proofreading service.