Ceremonies, Diplomas

Matriculation Ceremonies

Matriculation and Graduation Code of CU

In a matriculation ceremony, students entered in the student register of a faculty (matricula) pledge to fulfil the requirements of academic study, to honour their moral obligation toward the University, and to respect its internal regulations and the decisions of academic officials.

Like most Charles University ceremonial events nowadays, matriculation ceremonies take place in the Aula Magna of the Carolinum. They feature University insignia and the University officials present at the ceremony wear academic gowns.

The schedule of upcoming matriculation ceremonies is available in the Student Information System.


FAQ - matriculation

Is there a dress code? 

Yes, please come in formal suit/dress. 

Is matriculation mandatory?


Is matriculation open to the public?

No, only students are present at the matriculation, no guests neither family. 

Doctoral Graduation Ceremonies

In a graduation ceremony, the student officially takes leave of Charles University, taking the academic pledge (in Latin) and receiving a diploma which entitles him or her to use an academic degree.

Graduation ceremonies take place in the Aula Magna of the Carolinum. The graduation ceremonies feature University insignia and University officials wear academic gowns.

The schedule of upcoming graduation ceremonies is available in the Student Information System.

Charles University holds either separate graduation ceremonies for doctoral graduates of a single faculty or joint ceremonies for several faculties, depending on the number of graduates. Joint graduation ceremonies are organized by the Curriculum and Student Affairs Department of the Rectorate and take place twice a year, in May and November. Faculty graduation ceremonies are held by the relevant faculty once or twice a year, depending on the number of graduates.

Doctoral graduates receive all information on the graduation ceremony by mail from Study Department.

University Diplomas

A diploma is proof of the completion of a degree programme in the given field of study. Displaying the national coat of arms of the Czech Republic, it bears the name of the University and the name of the academic degree conferred on the holder. It is usually awarded in a special graduation ceremony.

Verification of the Diploma

The further information about the verification of the Diploma (needed especially for outside EU) and the information about the translation of the Diploma (from Latin to English - should it be required in your case) is in this document.

Translation of the Diploma Supplement that includes your transcript is not needed as this certificate is provided in bilingual Czech/English version.

Since the Charles University diplomas bear embossed element, only notaries are entitled to make a verified copy of this document, not Czech point or municipal and regional authority.