Opatření děkana č. 38/2014

Discount in School Fees for Students of BECES, BEF, CECS, CSF, ES, GPS, IEPS, MISS, MEF, PSP, SEC and TS (Sleva na školném pro studenty studijních programů BECES, BEF, CECS, CSF, ES, GPS, IEPS, MISS, MEF, PSP, SEC and TS)

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Opatření děkana č. 38/2014



Discount in School Fees for Students of BECES, BEF, CECS, CSF, ES, GPS, IEPS, MISS, MEF, PSP, SEC and TS

(Sleva na školném pro studenty studijních programů BECES, BEF, CECS, CSF, ES, GPS, IEPS, MISS, MEF, PSP, SEC and TS)





V Praze dne 13. října 2014


PhDr. Jakub Končelík, Ph.D.

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The Faculty of Social Sciences offers students the opportunity to apply for a discount in their final semester of study in the following programmes: Balkan, Eurasian and Central European Studies (BECES), Bachelor in Economics and Finance (BEF), Central European Comparative Studies (CECS), Corporate Strategy and Finance in Europe (CSF), European Studies (ES), Geopolitical Studies (GPS), International Economic and Political Studies (IEPS), Master in International Security Studies (MISS), Master in Economics and Finance (MEF), Public and Social Policy (PSP), Sociology in European Context (SEC) and Transatlantic Studies (TS).


The conditions will be as follows:



  1. The discount is available to students in the closing semesters of their studies, who have already completed all compulsory courses specified by the curriculum of their programme, except the Master's Thesis Seminar, the Master's Thesis, and the Final Exam (or their relevant bachelor level equivalents for BEF). All relevant study requirements must be completed before the start of the semester in which students wish the discount to come into effect. In the case of BECES this may exclude Czech Language for BECES IV (JMMZ168).

  2. Students must apply for a discount by means of the form headed "Application for a Discount in School Fees", which is available on the Faculty of Social Sciences website. Discounts will not be granted automatically.

  3. Completed application forms must be delivered in person before the deadline specified below to the designated contact at the International Office in the Faculty's Hollar building (as advised on the Application). The designated contact in the International Office must endorse the application as fulfilling all the requirements under point 1.

  4. In the event that some of the student's grades or credits are missing from SIS, the application form must be accompanied by documentation to show that the grades have been awarded. Examples of suitable documentation might include: letters or e-mails from the lecturer concerned; printouts of the lecturer's class grading sheets, etc. Students do not have to provide documentation of grades that have been properly recorded in SIS.

  5. The deadline to apply for the discount is always the last day of September for the Autumn Semester, and the last day of February for the Spring Semester (date of receipt in the relevant office). Late applications will not be accepted.

  6. Although supplementary documentation may be presented as photocopies or printouts, the application form itself must be in the original, with the student's original signature. Fax, scan or e-mail copies of the application form will not be accepted.

  7. Applications received by the deadline will be assessed by a committee, whose main job will be to examine the cases of students whose online record of grades is incomplete. The committee will verify any documentation that the student has presented in support of any grades that are missing from the system, and will determine whether the student qualifies for the discount. In the case of students with a complete record of grades in SIS, this will be a formality.

  8. The committee will report back to the Dean with their recommendations. Students who are waiting for a decision on whether they have qualified for the discount will not be expected to pay any school fees until after the committee has reported.

  9. Students who are studying at the Faculty of Social Sciences with the financial support of the scholarships offered though the Czech Ministry of Education development programme are governed by a different set of financial conditions. Students in this category are not eligible for a discount in a school year for which they have received a scholarship. However, if they continue in their studies into a later school year, in which they no longer receive the scholarship, they may apply for a discount if they fulfil the other conditions.

  10. Students who have already qualified for the discount in an earlier semester may continue to study at the lower rate of school fees for more than one semester, if they need extra time to complete their studies. It is not necessary to reapply for the discount in later semesters.

  11. The exact fee paid by students who have qualified for the discount is specified each year in the price list issued by the Dean. At the time of writing, the reduced school fee is 300 EUR per semester (subject to revision in future years).

  12. This provision replaces the Dean’s Provisions (Opatření děkana) 1/2011 and 9/2012, which are hereby annulled.



PhDr. Jakub Končelík, Ph.D.



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