Academics from FSV UK Were Awarded the Prize of Arnošt z Pardubic for the Year 2019

Academics from FSV UK Were Awarded the Prize of Arnošt z Pardubic for the Year 2019

The Faculty of Social Sciences has enjoyed a double success at this year’s announcement of the Prize of Arnošt z Pardubic, a prestigious award given to the members of academic staff for their outstanding pedagogical work. The prize was received by Professor Blanka Říchová from the Institute of Political Studies and doc. Antonie Doležalová from the Institute of Economic Studies.

Cena Arnošta z Pardubic 2019

Professor Blanka Říchová was awarded the aforementioned prize in the category for an outstanding teacher of Charles University. Professor Říchová has devoted her life to political science. In addition to teaching at the IPS, where she has been working since 1995, she also gives lectures in Olomouc and has worked abroad as well (Pembroke College, Cambridge, 1996; MSH and EHESS in Paris 1996 and 2004, etc.). She is one of the key personalities who have shaped Czech political science over the last quarter of a century.

 “Nothing inspires a person more than the curiosity of others, and I am grateful to the fate for giving me the opportunity to return to my alma mater years ago and continue my studies, though this time in a different role. Working with an ever-changing community of students gives me the opportunity to enter over and over again into a never-ending dialogue with those who, because of their age, feel the need and the desire to ask questions,” said Professor Říchová.

Doc. Antonie Doležalová won the award in the category for an outstanding achievement, namely for the course “Cambridge Lectures in Economic History.” This course is a unique joint course of the University of Cambridge (specifically Robinson College) and Charles University (specifically the Institute of Economic Studies at FSV UK). It offers the students of Charles University a unique opportunity to study the latest topics and methodological innovations in economic history presented by teachers from the world’s top workplace.

Thanks to this award, I have realized there is no greater appreciation for one’s work than when its value is recognized by colleagues. I would, therefore, like to thank all the committee’s members for their decision to award the Cambridge Lectures course, which is the result of my efforts to connect Charles University with one of the three best universities in the world. I would like to thank Martin Gregor and Julie Chytilová for nominating me for the competition on behalf of the IES and the Dean Němcová Tejkalová for nominating my course on behalf of the whole faculty. Most of all, I would like to thank the students for having found the course and Amy Erickson, Deborah Thom, Solomos Solomou, Duncan Needham and Sheilagh Ogilvie from the University of Cambridge for never hesitating to accept my invitation to teach the students of Charles University,” said doc. Doležalová about the award.

The Prize of Arnošt z Pardubic is a prestigious award of Charles University given to the members of academic staff for their outstanding pedagogical activities and groups of pedagogical or support workers for their contribution to enhancing the quality of educational activities. In general, the prize is awarded annually in two categories: an award for an outstanding teacher and an award for an outstanding achievement - an award for outstanding innovation in educational activities that can be received not only by the academic staff but by any university team as well.