Dean’s Measure no. 5/2013

Support for Publishing Monographs at FSV UK

Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Social Sciences


Dean’s Measure no. 5/2013



Support for Publishing Monographs at FSV UK


In effect from:

4. 2. 2013

In Prague on February 4, 2013

                                                                                              PhDr. Jakub Končelík, Ph.D.

                                                                                                                       Dean of the Faculty


Dean's Measure for the Support for Publishing Scientific Monographs at the Faculty of Social Sciences of Charles University in Prague


1. Introductory Provisions

  1. The body in charge of the support for publishing scientific monographs at the Faculty of Social Sciences of Charles University in Prague (hereinafter referred to as FSV UK) is the Editorial Board of FSV UK (hereinafter referred to as Editorial Board). The condition of the request for support entails the fulfilment of the requirements specified by the Information register of R&D results (hereinafter referred to as RIV) and the registration of the released publication in the university register of publication activities OBD (hereinafter referred to as OBD) and its dedication to FSV UK.

2. Support for Publishing Scientific Monographs in the Czech Republic

  1. The Editorial Board will support the publication of a scientific monograph by a financial contribution that can reach a maximum of the usual price. The Editorial Board stipulates the usual price at its meeting.[1]
  2. The Editorial Board accepts texts intended for publishing in printed and electronic versions with clear copyrights (including possible picture attachments). The Research Office of FSV UK (hereinafter referred to as Research Office) will, if necessary, arrange upon the author's request the contractual terms of the relations between the author and the publisher.
  3. Submitted texts are subject to review proceedings. Each text is reviewed by two external reviewers (from outside FSV UK). Reviewers are appointed by the Editorial Board. The Editorial Board may recognize the review proceedings conducted by the publishing house. Reviewers set by the Editorial Board are entitled to remuneration. Remuneration for the reviewers is proposed to the Dean of FSV UK by the Chairman of the Editorial Board in conjunction with the Research Office.
  4. The outcome of the review proceedings is discussed by the Editorial Board at its meeting. If both review reports are positive, support for issuing the publication may be approved per rollam at the time between the meetings of the Editorial Board. In the event that both reports display non-recommendation, the Editorial Board rejects the support. If one report is positive and the other negative, the Editorial Board decides on the next procedure at its meeting.

3. Support for Publishing Scientific Monographs Abroad

  1. The Editorial Board may, by its decision, support the publication of a scientific monograph abroad. In this case, the author will provide the Editorial Board with a confirmation from the foreign publisher that the proposed text will be published (publisher‘s contract, publisher's official written statement, etc.).
  2. Following this confirmation, the Editorial Board decides whether to grant the financial support, in the form of an agreement to complete a job (hereinafter referred to as DPP) or through the invoice. Financial support is primarily intended to finance the translation of the text into a foreign language. Support will not be awarded for translation into the Slovak language.
  3. In support of the publication of scientific monographs abroad, the provisions of Articles 1, 2.1, 2.2 and 4 of this measure shall apply.

4. Financial Matters

  1. The author whose supported publication, fulfilling the conditions of the respective RIV, was issued and dedicated to FSV UK in OBD, receives a reward of 15 thousand CZK in the form of remuneration added to the wages (in the case of internal employees) or a special-purpose scholarship (in the case of students). Disbursement of these funds is provided by the Research Office.
  2. In the year following the year of registration of the publication in OBD (generally in the year following the release of the publication), an amount equivalent to 60% of the funds that correspond to the institutional support of the monograph of the corresponding field in the year of registration of the publication in OBD, will be paid to the budget of the Editorial Board. The budget of the institute to which the monograph is dedicated will be cut by this amount. The funds obtained by incorporating the publication into the institute's performance will no longer be reduced in the years to come and they will be fully allocated to the institute's budget. The Research Office will allocate the funds once a year at the time of preparing the faculty budget proposal.

5. Transitional Provisions

  1. Dean's Measure no. 39/2011 The Support for publishing monographs at FSV UK is hereby annulled.

                                                                            PhDr. Jakub Končelík, PhD.

                                                                                                       Dean of the Faculty 

In charge of accuracy:

doc. PhDr. Michal Kubát, PhD.

Vice-Dean for Research


[1] The usual price for the year 2013 amounts to 35-40 thousand CZK per one supported publication.