Inter-University Agreements

Call for exchanges in Summer Semester 2024/2025 

The call is open from 1 to 30 April 2024. 


A manual with the criteria given by the Rectorate CU is to be found here


List of partner universities for summer semester 2024/2025

For instructions on how to apply please scroll lower. 

Scholarhip for students - Universities in Germany and Switzerland

Special call for German and Swiss universities see here

University Agreements

Inter-university agreements are administered by the Rectorate of Charles University by the Foreign Relations Department. Candidates submit their application into the university online system within the deadline set by the International Office of FSV, after the faculty round the International Office forwards applications of the successful applicants to the Rectorate, which carries out the final selection of the nominated students.

The selection procedure has two rounds:

  1. Faculty round - selection on faculty level
  2. University round - selection of candidates from all faculties at the CU Rectorate

Detailed information about the selection procedure can be found on the web page of the rectorate - Inter-University agreements

Terms of Study: Students admitted via inter-university agreement do not pay tuition fees, but all other costs must be covered by themselves. However, they may apply for a contribution from the Charles University Mobility Fund.

Requirements for Participation in Selection: At least a second semester of study of a Bachelor programme or the first year of Masters programme. A very high skill level of English (more information below), grade point average of 2,00 or lower (this is not a requirement but it is strongly recommended).


Follow 4 easy steps to make your exchange reality. 



* Applications for Inter-University exchange must be submitted in a new app system.

Required documents:

- CV

- Letter of purpose (motivation letter)

- Recommendation letter of an academic from FSV UK

- Preliminary study plan

- transcript of records of all post-secondary study

- Assessment of Language Ability (a language certificate or a confirmation from the Department of Foreign Languages at FSV), you do not have to submit this in case you are a native English speaker

- Invitation letter by a receiving faculty member (applies to Ph.D. applicants for a research stay only)

- Passport copy


* Students can submit a maximum of two applications. 

* After the application is submitted, the student will email to In the email the student will state his/her priority regarding the submitted applications. 

Only then the application is entered into the Call. 

* Instruction manual - how to submit one's application in the online app system.

* Videomanual - how to submit one's application in the online app system


Preliminary study plan 

Consent to the processing of my personal data

Should you need help or have questions, please email the helpdesk in the app system or to Marie Stanovská 

Successful Application

Congratulations, we will inform you about the nomination process shortly. Please be patient, the process will take some time.

Nominated students can apply for  a scholarship of Mobility Funding UK

Students have to submit to the International Office FSV UK  (

  • Acceptance letter from partner university
  • Approved study plan 
    • in the box for FSV UK equivalent, student can state a specific course code or code of a compulsory optional group or just elective group
    • in case of any later change/ alternation, it is always necessary to have the study plan approved again

ECTS Requirements

  • Dean's measures
  • Bachelor students must obtain a minimum of 20 ECTS Credits/ per semester.
  • Master students must obtain a minimum of 15 ECTS Credits/ per semester.


In case you decide to cancel your nomination, let us know as soon as possible. E-mail your decision to

If you have already been awarded a scholarship to support your exchange, you will have to return it. (Once you make the transfer, send the copy of the receipt to


Immediately after the end of the stay, the following documents must be delivered to the International Office:

  • Transcript of Records - from the host university
  • Confirmation of Stay - from the host university  (Make sure you collect the document before you end your exchange, it saves you a lot of time afterwards.)

The transfer of credits from the host university to FSV UK is recognized by the specified field guarantee upon request.

Protocol on the fulfillment of study duties

Recognized subjects are placed in the system by specified study department assistant.

Stop by the International Office and share your experience with us. Future exchange students will apreciate it.  


Throughout the whole study mobility the student needs to have an active student status. 

The mobility documents need to be submitted to the International Office and in case of received scholarship of Mobility funding CU uploaded final report and confirmation of study stay in the IS VEDA app.


For more information contact our Exchange coordinator Marie Stanovská, email: