Bilateral International Agreements

Bilateral International Agreements

kalendarCharles University supports student mobility on the basis of international treaties, i.e. treaties signed by the Czech Republic with a number of countries worldwide.

The treaties offer the possibility for students and academics from public universities of the countries concerned to undertake study periods at higher education institutions (HEIs) in the partner countries. Offers of study visits and research stays do not apply to specific universities abroad. Applicants themselves look for a university where they are interested in studying in connection with their field. Summer schools generally take place at universities selected by the organiser.

On the AIA (Academic Information Agency) webpages you can find a list of upcoming scholarship offers and a catalogue with deadlines. The application is done online.

Applicants fill the form Návrh na vyslání/Žádost o přiznání stipendia and attach the confirmation of their study at Charles University. Ask for this confirmation at the International Office (Contact person: Antonella Kopic Bernardon, email:

Furthermore, Charles University has a scholarship quota (a certain number of scholarships reserved) for its students, with the following deadlines:

18.11.2022 EgyptNorth Macedonia - summer school, Sweden - summer school, Slovenia - summer school, Croatia - summer school.

1.2.2023 Slovakia - summer school.

For the scholarship quotas you do not apply online, but directly at the FSV UK International Office.

Unfortunately all the documents/scholarship offers are only in Czech language - do not hesitate to contact us if you need any help.

The Scholarships section on the website of the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports includes a list of countries that have signed international treaties with the Czech Republic; it also gives more information about possibilities for study periods. 


For more information contact our Exchange Programme Coordinator Ms Antonella Kopic Bernardon, email: