Our Mission

FSV UK is an institution that contributes through its pedagogical and scientific activities to the understanding of society in cultural, historical and territorial contexts. At the expert level, we pursue cooperation at all levels of the public sphere - with the state and private sectors and non-profit organizations.

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Our vision

We intend to create and disseminate knowledge that contributes to the knowledge, development and quality of life in contemporary society. In all areas of our activities, we strive to be a faculty that honours the values it is based on. In particular, the values of the four INs are key to us: interdisciplinarity, innovation, internationalisation and inclusivity.

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Our values

We support the professionalism, purposefulness, individuality and achievement of each of our students, employees and the faculty as a whole.

We value academic freedom, encourage creative thinking and academic discussion.

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We closely follow developments in our and related study fields and actively seek functional interconnection and opportunities for collaboration in new areas.


We are expanding our range of study programmes, raising the level of the existing ones, keeping pace with the latest trends in information technology in academic and scientific activities.


We support the mobility of students and academic staff, we host leading international experts, and we actively participate in international scientific projects.


Diversity enriches our academic community, therefore we strive to create a welcoming environment and to ensure equity for everyone.