The Research Ethics Committee

The Research Ethics Committee

The purpose of the Research Ethics Committee is to support researchers at the Faculty of Social Sciences by consulting and approving the ethical aspects of their research projects, as well as to enhance the Faculty’s ethical research standards.

If you are interested in an expertise-based consultation, please contact a member of the Commission; (a) from your institute, or (b) with experience in the field you wish to consult (e.g. a project for a specific grant competition, research with a specific vulnerable group, etc.).

If you need the Committee’s official statement evaluating the ethical aspects of your research project, complete the Online Ethics Form.

The basic organisational and time frameworks of the Commission’s evaluation processes are set out in the Statute of the Commission for Ethics in Research. However, the Commission tries to issue the statements as soon as possible.

Online Form of Ethics

Online Ethics Form was developed by the Research Ethics Committee of FSV UK with the aim of standardising the assessment of applications for formal evaluation of ethical aspects of research projects carried out under the guidance, or with the participation, of FSV UK.

The official statement of the Commission may be requested by:

a) in the case of project applications, the project proposer, i.e. the person who is accountable to the applicant (= faculty) for the professional level of the project proposal and for the proposal and justification of its budget (see Dean’s Measure no. 28/2019),

b) in the case of ongoing or completed projects, the principal investigator,

c) in other cases, the author of the prepared publication or qualification work.

Upon submitting the completed online form, the Commission will provide its statement within one month at the latest, in the following way:

a) in agreement and with no further comments,

b) in agreement, but with some additional comments (however, the application does not need to be completed and submitted again); or

c) in disagreement and with the need to re-draft and re-submit the application on the basis of the comments.

Communication between applicants and the Commission is possible during all stages of the process. The official statement of the Commission will be received by the applicant via e-mail with a PDF attachment in Czech and/or English.

Online Form of Ethics


Committee Members

Ondřej Klípa - vice-chairman

Eva Hejzlarová - member

Petr Janský - member

Emil Aslan (Souleimanov) - member

Eva Horníčková - administrative support