International Degree Programmes

International Degree Programmes

The International Degree Programmes Office is the Faculty's administrative centre for undergraduate and graduate degree programmes in foreign language. It provides administrative assistance to students and applicants and is in charge of Erasmus Mundus programmes.


Monday: 13:30 - 16:30

Tuesday: 9:00 - 11:00

Wednesday: 13:30 - 15:30

Friday: 9:00 - 11:00


Outside office hours, please arrange a meeting by email.


Hollar Building, Rooms 216, 217 and 218

Faculty of Social Sciences

Smetanovo nabrezi 6, 110 01 Praha 1

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Member of Dean's Collegium - Foreign-Language Degree Programmes

Head of International Degree Programmes

Name Areas of Responsibility Telephone Email

RNDr. Michal Semian, Ph.D.

(room 218)

Head of International Degree Programmes

Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree Programmes

Language: English

+420 222 112 184

Team of English-taught Bachelor, Master and PhD Degree programmes




Areas of special responsibility





Mgr. Lukáš Budín

(room 217)


Ing. Eva Kapuciánová

(room 218)


Kateřina Frídlová

(room 217)

English-taught Bachelor and Master Degree programmes

Languages: English, French


English-taught Bachelor and Master Degree programmes

Languages: English, French


English-taught Bachelor and Master Degree programmes, nostrifications

Languages: English, Greek


+420 222 112 254


+420 222 112 287



+420 222 112 284



Contact for current degree students:





Contact for applicants:


Contact for PhD students (Student Services)




Areas of special responsibility






Mgr. Denisa Šmejkalová

(room 205)

PhD study programmes in:

Sociology, Public and Social policy, Area Studies, Modern History




+420 222 112 237


Mgr. Tereza Volfová

(room 205)

PhD study programme in:

Political Science, International Relations, Economics and Finance, Media and Communication Studies


+420 222 112 276

International Office

The International Office assures the international mobility of both students and staff and co-ordinates the international activities of the Faculty at all levels. It is the Faculty's administrative centre for a whole range of international programmes such as ERASMUS+, inter-faculty and inter-university exchange agreements, strategic partnerships, summer schools, etc.


Name Areas of Special Responsibility Telephone


Mgr. Michaela Rudinská

(room 216a)


Head of International Office

Internalization fund, POINT, scholarships

Strategic partnerships, Post-Doc Fund

Consultations in person only upon agreed appointment.

+420 222 112 228

Bc. Marie Stanovská

(room 216)

Deputy Head of International Office

Inter-faculty cooperation: outgoing students

Inter-university exchanges: outgoing students

Rector's Mobility Fund

Freemover: outgoing/ incoming students

Summer School TFAS Prague (AIPES)

Language: English

+420 222 112 221

Mgr. Petra Devine

(room 216) 

ERASMUS+ incoming students

ERASMUS+ practical placements: incoming students

Language: English

+420 222 112 173

Ing. Radek Kovács

(room 216a)

ERASMUS+ outgoing students

ERASMUS+ practical and graduate placements: outgoing students

ERASMUS+ academic staff mobility

Erasmus+ staff training

Leadership exCHANGE (summer school) 

Language: English

+420 222 112 235

Mgr. Antonella Kopic Bernardon

(room 216)

Inter-government exchanges: both incoming and outgoing students


Language: English, Italian

+420 222 112 187

Mgr. Barbora Čapinská

(room 216a)

Visiting PhD Students and Researchers

Guest Lecturers and Visiting Scholars

Short Research Visits

Visegrad Fund stipendiaries

Languages: English, French, Polish

+420 222 112 186

Mgr. Jessica Grossová

(room 216)

Inter-faculty cooperation: incoming students

Inter-university exchanges: incoming students

ERASMUS+ International Credit Mobility

Language: English

+420 222 112 226


Travel orders and bills are administered by the Accounting  Department