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We teach general and specialised language courses to students from all five faculty institutes. To find out about the courses you can study at our Language Centre, click on a quick overview HERE or see more below.

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After more than a year we could meet offline at the International Night.

It took place at Kampus Hybernská on the 27th October. Students who came to our faculty from all over the world participated in quizzes, introduced their countries and got to know each other. We hope everybody was having fun.

Some photos (taken by Anna Mikolandová and Barbora Součková from the Institute of Communication Studies and Journalism) can be found HERE.

Our MCs were Martina Kroa (from the Institute of Communication Studies and Journalism) and Zachary Lavengood (from the Institute of International Studies).

STEP 2019

The Language Centre organised the third annual competition in STudent English Presentations - STEP. It was held on Wednesday 10th April in Jinonice.

This event aimed at connecting students of all institutes, giving them an opportunity to become acquainted with the topics of individual study fields and to practise their presentation skills. All the presenters received a written analysis of their performances according to the detailed language and presentation criteria and additional financial reward.

Presenters and their topics:

Patrik Kučera (ICS) – What happens when marketing succeeds but everything else fails

Matěj Sainer (IES) – The great financial crisis

Anna Koucká (ICS) – Fact-check!

Barbora Novotná (IPS) – Cultural imperialism

Pablo Yusta (IES) – Why is GDP a poor measure of progress?

Eliška Brouns (ISS) – Instagram life

The jury composed of Markéta Zezulková (ICS), Michal Červinka (IES), Tomáš Halamka (IPS) and two English teachers, Kamila Panešová and Andrew Goodall.

Pablo Yusta from Institute of Economic Studies won both the jury award and the audience choice award.

The event was moderated by Pamela Danielle Cotte.

Photos and a short video footage from the event can be found here.

Video recording: Marek Hron, Tadeáš Podolka (ICS students)

Photos: Anna Mikolandová, Barbora Součková (ICS students)

Graphic design: Filip Čejka

Technical support: František Knap

Catering: Offbeat Donuts and Sklizeno 

More about the event at our Facebook.

STEP 2018

You can find short videos and photos from this year's STEP here.


Patrick Zamlar (IPS) - Independence Efforts in the EU: Scotland case

Paula Procházková (IKSŽ) - Investigative Journalism

Tiep Luu Danh (IES) - #Welovedata - China

Jan Vohralík (IKSŽ) - Marketing strategies applied to the Oscars

Jan Lucián Jeřábek (IKSŽ) - Solutions Journalism: How it makes the world a better place

Leona Kovar (IMS) - NATO bombing of Serbia and Montenegro

Michal Salíni (IPS) - Parallels and differences between the Czech and Slovak political scene

Max Hönig (IES) - MealPrep - Entrepreneurship at IES