FSV UK is an institution that contributes through its pedagogical and scientific activities to the understanding of society in cultural, historical and territorial contexts. At the expert level, we pursue cooperation at all levels of the public sphere - with the state and private sectors and non-profit organizations.

Our Mission

We are an institution that is “at the heart of Europe” not only by its geographical location, but also at the academic level. Leading experts from the Czech Republic and abroad meet at our faculty; owing to the wide study offer and interdisciplinary permeability, we are a faculty that is also very attractive for students and researchers from abroad.

We are a top scientific workplace with an international reach – the large number of international projects or cooperation within the 4EU+ Alliance testifies to this. In addition, within the whole university, our faculty has the highest number of joint international programmes (joint and double degrees) as well as the highest number of foreign-language study programmes. We cooperate with European universities within the ERASMUS+ programme, which is complemented by other programmes of international mobility with leading non-European educational and scientific institutions.

Our people

Our teachers are invited as key speakers to prestigious conferences and become members or advisors to major national and international boards. Thanks to this, studying at our faculty offers an extraordinary opportunity to gain foreign experience at prestigious workplaces. In the Czech Republic and Central Europe, we are among the clear leaders in international rankings in all our study fields.

Our graduates and teachers hold important positions in public life - as experts at the ministries, embassies of the Czech Republic, the European Union, in Czech and international or multinational commercial companies, as leading economists in banks, well-known journalists, politicians or members of research agencies. Holding such positions, they then become important co-framers in the process of creating public opinion on serious issues of a society-wide character.

Our vision

We intend to create and disseminate knowledge that contributes to the knowledge, development and quality of life in contemporary society. In all areas of our activities, we strive to be a faculty that honours the values it is based on. In particular, the values of the three Is are key to us: interdisciplinarity, innovation and internationalisation.

We want to be a leading educational institution in the field of social sciences, which shows the right path and analyzes the topics of contemporary society and contributes to their solution through its academicians and graduates. We want the high level of education and research to continue to occupy a leading position in both domestic and international comparisons. All our students thus have the opportunity to gain first-class knowledge in their study field and general academic skills. Moreover, we nurture the academic environment, which is a breeding ground for free discussion and the search for new scientific knowledge.

Continued cooperation with the private, public and non-profit sectors contributes to social development and also to the viability of the faculty.

Our values

We support the professionalism, purposefulness, individuality and achievement of each of our students, employees and the faculty as a whole.

We value academic freedom, encourage creative thinking and academic discussion.

We respectfully approach diversity and strive for the atmosphere of a just, friendly and supportive community.

We strive to make the faculty a pleasant and stimulating place for a wide range of academic activities.

In all areas of our activities, we place emphasis on responsibility, whether when participating in public discussions, or in the process of transferring findings and acquired knowledge, or in the educational and research process itself.

Thanks to the firm anchoring in the unique centuries-old academic tradition of the Central European region, we create a bridge between Western and Eastern Europe.



We closely follow developments in our and related study fields and actively seek functional interconnection and opportunities for collaboration in new areas.


We are expanding our range of study programmes, raising the level of the existing ones, keeping pace with the latest trends in information technology in academic and scientific activities.


We support the mobility of students and academic staff, we host leading international experts, and we actively participate in international scientific projects.