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Language study conditions - Karolinka

Bachelor’s Studies

The Language Centre (the CJP) secures the tuition of one compulsory language of a specialized nature. Students are placed into individual language courses based on their results received at entrance examinations to the faculty or at entrance tests to the course, or upon the agreement with the course instructor. Course participants are expected to be of intermediate level, i.e. B2 level based on the European framework of reference for languages. The winter semester results in the course credit (the so-called „zápočet"), the summer semester results in the examination (the so-called „zkouška").

The Language Centre stipulates the conditions for the courses resulting in the examination.

In the academic year 2023/24, the Language Centre is offering courses in the following languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Italian and Czech for Foreigners. 

The tuition of the main compulsory language focuses on the solidification of acquired language skills and the emphasis on the development of communication skills corresponding to specialized levels of individual study fields. English courses, where a sufficient amount of students can always be guaranteed, are the only courses divided according to individual study fields; German is divided into courses for the students of economics and other study fields. Other language courses are shared by students of miscellaneous study fields.

Furthermore, students are entitled to choose one more language as an alternative course. Such a course is of general nature and is offered on intermediate level- i.e. A2-B2. In the winter semester, the course results in the course credit and in the summer semester in the classified credit (the so-called „klasifikovaný zápočet“). In the first sessions, students will be placed into individual courses based on the test reflecting the required level of language skills, or the placement will stem from the agreement with a course instructor. If the capacity of the course allows it, students can register for other language courses.

English for Social Sciences courses can be studied prior to specialized English courses and they will prioritize the students of the IMS who have the classified credit from English incorporated into their study obligations.

The Language Centre also offers optional beginner and pre-intermediate courses of German, French, Spanish, Russian and Italian. International students can also study Czech as a Foreign Language.

Master’s Studies

Students from other faculties and with the corresponding language level will be placed into the specialized language courses. Students entering the faculty with insufficient language skills are expected to improve them in general courses in the first year of studies.

The Language Centre is going to recognize the following examinations from the specialized language:

1) the language examination passed at the FSV (the Faculty of Social Sciences) during the Bachelor’s study program

2) other language examinations, upon the individual agreement with a corresponding institute or based on written documentation certifying the completion of a study field in a given language in a foreign country

Students who intend to expand their studies by another study field offered within the FSV UK will be recognized all the examinations and classified credits successfully passed at the FSV.

The Language Centre secures one language examination for all the students and for some students one classified credit (for students who have the second language incorporated into their study plan or choose to study the language as an alternative course). The IMS recognizes the credit from the general language course in the winter semester as the so-called third language.