STEP 2024

STEP 2024

For the fourth time, the Language Centre organised STEP - the STudent English Presentation contest. The event was held in the Jinonice Campus on the 17th of April. 

This event aimed at connecting students of all institutes, giving them an opportunity to become acquainted with the topics of individual study fields and to practise their presentation skills.

Presenters and their topics:

Pavla Leitgebová: Typography (ICSJ)
Matěj Bozadžiev: Storytelling in Advertising (ICSJ)
Adam Zimčík: (Non)sense of Economics (IES)
Jakub Kotajny: Esport Journalism in the Czech Republic (ICSJ)
Lukáš Čuřík: The Lebanese Crisis:Fall of the Switzerland of the Mediterranean (IPS)
Karolína Černá: All About PPE and Why It’s Great (IPS)
Jiří Pátek: Music Marketing (ICSJ)

The jury composed of Michal Červinka, Jakub Dopierala and Colin Glover.

The event was moderated by the ICSJ students Ema Čapková and Joana Majidová.

The winner was Lukáš Čuřík from IPS.

Photos by Barbora Součková (ICSJ) and a video by Jan Vališ (ISCJ) are available here.

More info in the FB event.