Other possibilities

Other possibilities

If you are considering a period of study abroad and have not chosen any of the foreign universities or other educational institutions involved in the established Charles University mobility programmes, you can try a number of other schemes: this page contains a regularly updated list of international offers. The stays listed below are organized by foreign universities or research institutions, educational foundations, institutions with links to foreign embassies, non-profit NGOs etc. Some of the stays are partly or wholly funded by the host institution; in other cases, however, the applicants are expected to cover the cost themselves.

Post-Covid World. The Future Is Now

The HSE Graduate School of Business  invites you to webinar series “Post-Covid World. The Future Is Now”.

Every Wednesday between October 14 and November 25 GSB professors will discuss and answer questions on new challenges, changes and the impact that global pandemic has made on the business in Russia and worldwide.

HSE Faculty members will be virtually joined and challenged by GSB students.

The webinars will be moderated by Marina Dzhashi, expert in cross-cultural communications and former journalist.

If interested you are welcome to join in.

Traineeship/internship opportunity at the Coimbra Group Office

offer for master degree students,  traineeship/internship at the Coimbra Group Office

More information is available here

If interested, send your application to the head of the International Office of Charles University Mr Kozák by email (vratislav.kozak@ruk.cuni.cz), 23 October 2020 the latest.

Foundation of Hermann and Else Schnabel are offering a stipend at the University of Hamburg for a summer semester 2020/2021

The stipend is available for students of master degree (from 2nd year +) and PhD students
Length of stipend: 4 months - summer semester - 5. 4. – 10. 7. 2021
Amount of the stipend: 850 EUR/ a month
Number of stipends: 9 

Detailed information upon request (Marie Stanovská, 222 112 221, studyabroad@fsv.cuni.cz)

The application deadline 7. October 2020

All the documents together with the application are to be sent to studyabroad@fsv.cuni.cz. 

Virtual Global Community Challenge YYC  

University of Calgary International is pleased to invite your students to join our students in the Fall 2020 Global Community Challenge YYC

During this challenge, student teams from different disciplines and countries will work together to develop a solution for a real-life problem identified by one of our community partners. These partners are made up of local organizations in Calgary that have an international focus or scope of work. 

The challenge is conducted virtually, participation is free, and we would love to have your students join!

More information to be found here

Students have until October 2 to apply.

Study exchange at University of Düsseldorf

An interesting offer for Charles University students (bachelor + master degree) to spend a summer semester (max. 5 months) at our parner university of Düsseldorf  

Final decision of the nomination is upto the University of Düsseldorf.  

If interested, the application together with the required documents must be sent to studyabroad@fsv.cuni.cz, 6 September 2020 the latest. 

The nomination will happen in two rounds:

1st round Faculty level (shortlisted nominations forwarded to the rectorate) 

2nd round Rectorate level 

More information could be found here

Together with the application and required documents, students are asked to submit signed Consent of Personal Data and their study average.  


For more information contact our Exchange coordinator Marie Stanovská, email: studyabroad@fsv.cuni.cz