Other possibilities

Other possibilities

If you are considering a period of study abroad and have not chosen any of the foreign universities or other educational institutions involved in the established Charles University mobility programmes, you can try a number of other schemes: this page contains a regularly updated list of international offers. The stays listed below are organized by foreign universities or research institutions, educational foundations, institutions with links to foreign embassies, non-profit NGOs etc. Some of the stays are partly or wholly funded by the host institution; in other cases, however, the applicants are expected to cover the cost themselves.

4th School of Law and Economy of China - University of Warsaw

The organizers of the 4th edition of  School of Law and Economy of China would like to offer a special 4EU+ Alliance discount for students that wish to participate. The 4EU+ discount is valid until 26 September. See more information in the brochure.

The school is a unique one-year program organised by the Polish Research Centre for Law and Economy of China (Faculty of Law and Administration, University of Warsaw). Our goal is to equip participants of the School with comprehensive knowledge about Chinese law, economy and business aspects (with some focus on socio-cultural issues too). The Saturday classes (in English) are held on Zoom and they are delivered by the world-class scholars (Peking University, China University of Political Science and Law, University of Oxford, University of Melbourne, Leiden University, University of Cologne etc.) and experts (Google, Clifford Chance law firm, ministries, think-tanks and public institutions etc.). The range of topics is really wide and perfectly suited to a diverse group of participants. Our course might be especially interesting for students of law, international relations, economy, Chinese studies and some other social sciences faculties). 

Website: http://chinalaw.wpia.uw.edu.pl/about-the-school/, Facebook fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/chineselawandeconomics and LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/company/school-of-law-and-economy-of-china/.

Application form: http://chinalaw.wpia.uw.edu.pl/apply-now/.

Exchange stays at universities in Germany for Summer Semester 2021/2022

Goethe Universitat Frankfurt am Main 

- 2 semester-long stipends for students (BA, MA and PhD study programmes) - 300 EUR/ a month

Universitat des Saarlandes

- 2 semester-long stipends for students (BA and MA study programmes) - 850 EUR/ a month

- 1 semester-long stipend for PhD students - 1000 EUR/ a month (it is possible to apply for a few weeks to max. 3 months - January to December 2022)

Universitat Hamburg

- 9 semester-long stipends for students of students (MA and PhD study programmes) - 850 EUR/ a month
  2 letters of recommendation from a FSV UK professor in English or German 

Heinrich Heine Universitat Düsseldorf

- 1 semester-long stipend for students (BA and MA study programmes) - 861 EUR/ a month 
  preliminary confirmation of acceptance  from the HHU Diisseldorf professor

Required additional documents for students of BA and MA study programme 

•    structured CV (German or English)
•    a letter of intention in German
•    a study plan 
•    a letter of recommendation from a FSV UK professor in German or English (Universitat Hamburg requires 2 letters of recommendation )
•    a certificate of German language knowledge (international certificate, confirmation from the Centre of languages FSV UK, Language school) -  B1+ level (at least)
•   signed transcript of records (in English), inc. GPA 

•   preliminary confirmation of acceptance  from the HHU Diisseldorf professor

Required additional documents for students of PhD study programme

•    structured CV (German or English)
•    Academie visitor application 
•    a letter of intention in German
•    Summary of one's Dissertaion Theses in German or English
•   a letter of recommendation from a FSV UK professor in German or English (Universitat Hamburg requires 2 letters of recommendation )
•    a confirmation of acceptance to PhD study programme, a copy of MA diploma supplement (in English), GPA from your MA study 
•    a certificate of German language knowledge (international certificate, confirmation from the Centre of languages FSV UK, Language school) -  B1+ level (at least)
•    preliminary confirmation of acceptance  from the host university professor

In addition to an application submitted via the electronic application system by 6.10.2021 a student will send an email to studyabroad@fsv.cuni.cz stating for which Exchange stay he/she has applied. 

Due to COVID-19 students are allowed to submit two applications (in the email a student must state his/her priority). 

In case of questions, please contact Marie Stanovská, studyabroad@fsv.cuni.cz

Global Community Challenge YYC

Are you looking for a unique global learning experience? University of Calgary International would like to invite you to join them for their virtual Global Community Challenge YYC! 

The Global Community Challenge YYC creates opportunities for you to work in cross-cultural and cross-disciplinary teams to identify solutions to real world issues. By being a part of this challenge, you will have the opportunity to develop skills in teamwork, creativity, problem-solving, and communication while building your intercultural capacity and positioning yourself to become an innovation catalyst for meaningful change.  

During this 8-week challenge, student teams from different disciplines and countries will work together to develop a solution for a real-life problem identified by one of our community partners, which are local organizations in Calgary that have an international focus or scope of work. The challenge also includes workshops on entrepreneurial thinking and solution development, working in cross-cultural teams, how to market your skills in the job market and more.  

Learn more and get involved: More information here 

Eligibility: This challenge is open to all UCalgary undergraduate and Masters’ degree students and students studying at partner institutions   

Deadline to apply:September 15, 2021.  

Application link here

Cost: Free 

Location: All meetings and discussion will be held virtually on Zoom or other relevant platforms. Some synchronous (live) participation is required. All times listed are in Mountain Standard Time (UTC/GMT -7:00) 

For more: please see the website or contact: global.challenge@ucalgary.ca  

Visegrad - Taiwan Scholarship for PhD students and post docs

If you are a student of PhD study programme or a post doc interested in study abroad, see here a Visegrad - Taiwan Scholarship offer. 

Visegrad - Taiwan Scholarship notification

How to apply - information available here

The deadline 30 September, 2021

Ritsumeikan University 1-Week Online Program (SDGs)

Our partner university has developed a new program, OPRO (Online Program in Ritsumeikan OIC), which we will be holding this coming August.

The program will cover the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), with a focus on CO2 reduction. During the program, students will have lectures, virtual field visits and talks from experts in the field on topics including urban agriculture as well as scenario planning.

Participants will have an opportunity to interact with Ritsumeikan students with discussions as well as exchange activities.

Upon conclusion of the program, participants will be presented with a certificate of completion from Ritsumeikan University. 

If interested please read more information here

Doctoral Research Fellowship at the University of Alberta

Students currently enrolled in doctoral programs in any field in Fine and Performing Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences in universities in Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, or Poland and holding citizenship in those countries are invited to join the group of Wirth Fellows in the Faculty of Arts at the University of Alberta.

Since 1998, Central European doctoral students have travelled to Edmonton for year-long research stays as part of the various fellowship programs sponsored by the Institute. Participants can take advantage of the resources of one of Canada's largest research libraries and benefit from the intellectual community of one of the country's leading research universities.

Note that the deadline for receipt of applications for fellowships starting 1 September, 2021 is 26 April, 2021. Due to the Covid-19 public health emergency, potential travel restrictions may necessitate that finalists be interviewed online.

Don't miss out on this unique scholarship opportunity!

For more information on application procedures, click here:


For more information about the Faculty of Arts at the University of Alberta, click here:



For more information contact our Exchange coordinator Marie Stanovská, email: studyabroad@fsv.cuni.cz

Archive of the past offers

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