AKTION - Summer School for Czech-Austrian Language Tandem

DAAD (Germany)

DAAD  (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst)  is a founding association of German universities for the international exchange of students and researchers. 

In the Czech Republic, DAAD has been active since 1963. In 2000 the Information Centre in Prague was founded (today´s DAAD Information Point Prague, in Prague 1 district).

DAAD scholarship offers are provided by the Academic Information Agency (AIA). 

A complete offer with applying conditions as well as other scholarship possibilities are available at the DAAD Czech Republic webpage.

Current information on the DAAD Česká Republika is also available on Facebook.


AKTION Czech Republic is a programme funding bilateral cooperation between the Czech Republic and Austria. It supports cooperation between the two countries in education and research in the tertiary sector.

Programme AKTION was launched in 1992 as a joint programme of both countries’ Ministries of Education.

Two types of activities are supported:       

  •   individual – study and research internship scholarships for stays in the second country and for participation in summer language courses and summer schools.           
  •   institutional – funding of cooperation projects of Czech and Austrian higher education institutions.

General conditions for scholarship programmes:

Scholarship offers are provided by the Academic Information Agency (AIA).

You can find actual information, offers, and contacts regarding AKTION programme here.  


Semester scholarships and short-term research scholarships (academic year 2020/21):

Target group:

 Students of master/doctoral programs and academic  


 students - only for the preparation of a master thesis or  
 a Ph.D. dissertation, with an exception for students of medical specialties, who are not preparing their master thesis.    

 academic researchers:  for a short-term research scholarship

Age limit:

 age is not specified; scholarship is designed to help develop professional scientific careers (with a focus on young scientists and scholars)


 1 – 5 months: semester scholarships
 1 – 3 months: short-term research scholarship

Deadlines for applications:

 15th March: only for the winter semester

 31st October: only for the summer semester

Application and selection procedure

You need a Promise of acceptance from a potential Austrian instructor and a Letter of recommendation by two teachers from your home university. The application is done online at www.scholarships.at.  In addition to the documents above you will enclose your Registration Form, your diploma for the completed stage of university studies and the study results for any unfinished stage.

The selection is made on the basis of the online application (there isn’t any interview). Within 6 weeks the results will be published at www.dzs.cz


For more information contact Ms Antonella Kopic Bernardon, email: inbound@fsv.cuni.cz.