• University web page: Universidade de São Paulo
  • Important information for studentsRCU Brazil
  • Language requirements: Portuguese, English: Teaching is held in Portuguese, English courses are offered only by the Department of English Language and Literature (outside of the University, however, you can not get around without the knowledge of Portuguese).
  • Number of available applications: 2 semestral
  • Accommodation tips
  • Student exchange concerns only the Faculdade de philosophy, letras e ciencias humanas in the fields of: history, philosophy, social sciences, philology and geography

Selection procedure at FSV

* Applications for Inter-University exchange must be submitted in a new app system.

* After the application is submitted, the student will email to In the email the student will state his/her priority regarding the submitted applications. (Every student can submit upto 2 applications.)

Only then the application is entered into the Call.