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Tutorial video here.

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Things to do

Travel Guide Czechia (check out places worth visiting)

Explore Czechia 

Watch Czech movies (available on Netflix)

Read Czech books 

Go to (much better than Google maps) (english version and the outdoor version of the map). At certain proximity, you will be able to see colourful walking/hiking trails and pink and dotted cycling routes that you can explore.



Ahoj, students!

We are starting our brand-new series Praguelife with IO with lifehacks and hints for you to fully experience mobility in Prague.

You can always find the thread of all episodes of this series by the hashtag #praguelifewithio.

Stay tuned!


Episode 1 Getting Czech Crowns
Episode 2 Czech Types of Stores
Episode 3 Second Hands and Vintage Stores
Episode 4 It's all about the books
Episode 5 Kafka, Kafka, Kafka
Episode 6 Where to study in Prague
Episode 7 Prague libraries
Episode 8 Where to eat (canteens)
Episode 9 Where to have coffee/ drink (places which have some speacial meaning)
Episeode 10 Where to travel from Prague (in and outside the Czech Republic)

Customized Google Maps


It is easy to just spend time with other foreign students, but your experience here will be much richer if you make an effort to make Czech friends and go to local places.

Here are some ideas:

Many Czechs want to practice conversation in another language and meet people from different cultures. If you would like to exchange your cultural background and language knowledge, please join the Tandem Program.

Grab a coffee at Na Hollaru Café – they serve not only great food and beverages but also organize amazing parties! 

Pick up a Use It map with great tips recommended by locals or get a Prague Super Guide (created by locals, too)! Get out of the center of Prague and out of Prague! The center is full of foreigners; you will meet more Czechs outside. 

Engage in a sport or hobby you love. Czechs are very sport-oriented. Join a sports club or take lessons – the CU has many sports clubs, lessons, etc. and it also provides skiing, hiking, and other sports trips. Other tips for activities can be found for example on Facebook as well.

Visit museums and galleries: great programmes and lectures are often offered in English as well. Prague is full of art classes, workshops, lectures on photography, painting, ceramics, etc.