Medical Care

Medical Care


Medical Care

On google maps, we prepared a list of public hospitals with emergency rooms, private hospitals in case you prefer private care and also pharmacies (most used are Dr Max and Benu). Add this list to your profile so that you can search it easily when you are in need. 

A good source of comprehensive information regarding medical care can be found at the U.S. Embassy in the Czech Republic.

Other lists of health centres, clinics and medical specialists speaking English can be found here and on the CU website here

Psychological help

Psychological help & Crisis intervention list of points of contacts here

Non EU/ EEA students: How to find a doctor with PVZP: Step-by-step Instructions

1) How to Find a Doctor / Clinic

  • ALWAYS call the non-stop helpline at 272 09 99 43,, if your health condition permits. Contact details are always on the backside of the insurance card. The number may vary depending on the insurance plan.
  • You can also use this link
  • The helpline can - send a list of contracted doctors in the place of residence, make an appointment to the doctor, confirm whether the required care will be reimbursed, guarantee payment, etc.

2) Insurance number

  • You must always identify yourself by the number of the insurance - identical to the contract number – it is stated on both documents

3) Urgent

  • If you urgently need a doctor, you can visit public hospitals, all of which are contracted
  • List of public hospitals available here

4) At a Doctor

  • When your doctor/nurse asks the insurance company, you should say 'private insurance from PVZP, code 333'. If you say only VZP, doctors/nurses automatically think that you have public insurance with VZP ČR (code 111). It can create an unpleasant misunderstanding.

5) When Medical Care is Charged

  • It is possible that the doctor will charge you directly for the provided care and not from the insurance company. It depends on the doctor/clinic. There is no single procedure. Hospitals usually invoice directly to the insurance company. If the doctor wants to charge you, he/she should notify you in advance.
  • You should keep everything - medical report, test results, receipt, prescription for the drug (if taken by the pharmacy, make a screenshot) - just scan or take a picture so that everything is readable
  • Fill in the form and send it directly to the headquarters or fill out the form online
  • It is recommended to have the money sent to a bank account in the Czech Republic, not by post.
  • The processing can take up to 3 months (according to the law)

Holders of EHIC (European Health Insurance Card)

Upon your arrival we recommend to register your card (EHIC) at Czech Insurance Provider - less paperwork at the doctor. (see here for more information where to register the EHIC).

In case you are not registered:

In order for a practitioner to ensure his/her own reimbursement from the contracting Czech Health Insurance Fund, s/he will need to see your EHIC card or Provisional Certificate, and will copy the information onto another specific internal form, known as "Potvrzení o nároku" (Certificate of Entitlement). S/he may also ask to check your ID. A practitioner will then normally ask you to confirm the expected length of your stay in the Czech Republic and will advise you to choose one of the Czech contracting health insurance providers. You will confirm your choice, and the expected length of your stay, by signing the "Potvrzení o nároku". If the practitioner decides to prescribe medicines, he/she will issue a prescription. For some medicines, the patient must make some financial contribution, while some groups of medicines are covered totally by the insurance. (If a practitioner prescribes any medicines, laboratory tests, or any further examinations, s/he should give you an appropriate number of copies of your "Potvrzení o nároku", so you can submit a copy to each pharmacy, laboratory, or surgery.)

There are also compulsory prescription charges on some medications, materials, and forms of dental treatment. These charges are not refundable. If you for any other reason pay for medical treatment at the doctor that shall be covered by your home insurance company, you will have to apply for reimbursement to the home insurance company.

Other kinds of medical care, e.g. non-urgent treatment, or medically assisted transport home following serious illness or injury, are not covered by your EHIC, and for these eventualities, we recommend you to have extra commercial travel insurance.


If you need a treatment by a medical specialist, the general practitioner will refer you to one. In urgent cases, you can go to a hospital with the EHIC directly. In other cases, the general practitioner issues a recommendation for admission to the hospital if needed.


In case of medical emergency, the urgent transportation by ambulance to the hospital  is covered by the insurance system and is provided free of charge. It will be necessary to present the EHIC or Provisional Certificate, as well as in case of a treatment by a practitioner from the emergency services.


In the Czech Republic non-prescription medicines are sold only in pharmacies (Lékárna). For that reason, we recommend you take the time to locate some pharmacies nearby your stay before you need them in an emergency. Pharmacies usually have a prominent green cross displayed over the shop-front. Many have staff who can speak English, especially in the city center. 

Detailed information HERE.