Arranging accommodation is the responsibility of every student. Nevertheless, the Faculty can mediate an accommodation at the Halls of Residence of Charles University, or we can recommend several private dormitories. Prague is a vibrant city with many accommodation options available, and students can arrange accommodation of their choice.

Note for First year students: 
If you are a VISA-SEEKING student, we will have an accommodation contract for the dormitories issued automatically, for you to use in your visa application. (Note: You do not have to end up living in the dorms)
If you are a NON-VISA student and would like to stay at the dorms, please contact us at to request a reservation. 

Halls of Residence

Charles University offers accommodation in their Halls of Residence. However, options of dormitory accommodation are limited and we are not able to guarantee that it will meet all your requirements. Usually, students are housed in double-occupancy rooms with shared kitchen and bathroom facilities. In general, dormitories are assigned automatically by the Accommodation Office.

The online application is only in Czech. In case you decide to stay at the university dormitory, do not hesitate to contact us, we will help to provide the accommodation contract for you.

The accommodation contract is one of the mandatory attachments to the application for study visa in Czechia. Therefore, we automatically arrange an accommodation contract at the university dormitory for successful applicants from visa-seeking countries during the admission process. The contract in hard copy is part of the Welcome package. Please note that dormitory accommodation is not compulsory for you and you can book any accommodation of your choice yourself.

For check-in you will need your passport or ID card, the housing voucher and your photograph. Please, READ also the information on COVID-19 protective measures taken at the dormitories before your arrival here

There is a Housing Assistant programme offering assistance with orientation and other issues to foreign students at selected dormitories. Should you need their help or advice, contact them via their Facebook profiles at dormitory Hvězda Assistant, dormitory Na Větrníku Assistant, and dormitory Jižní Město - Otava & Vltava Assistant, or via email at dormitory Hostivař, dormitory 17. listopadu, dormitory Kajetánka, and dormitory Švehlova.


There are other options of accommodation available in Prague. You can share a flat with other students and split the rent. If you don’t know any of your fellow students yet, you can find them for example in Facebook groups (the group for FSV UK international degree students is here, the group for all FSV UK students is here). The other option is a private dormitory:

The Fizz

New student dormitory run by an international student-housing provider at a premium location in Prague. It combines high-quality living spaces with an inspiring international community.

See the Fizz website.

DC Rezidence

This private dormitory offers accommodation for students in a quiet environment, with all the services needed for undisturbed university studies and subsequent relaxation.

See the DC Rezidence website.


Revised August 2021.

Accommodation and Canteens