Arranging accommodation is generally up to each student. Nevertheless, the Faculty can mediate an accommodation at the Charles University Dormitories, or we can recommend several private dormitories. Prague is a vibrant city with many accommodation options available, and students can arrange accommodation of their choice.

Newly accepted students

  • If you are a VISA-SEEKING student, we will have an accommodation contract for the dormitories issued automatically, for you to use in your visa application and will send it to you in hard copy as part of a Welcome package. You do not need to request it specifically. It is up to you whether you end up staying in the dorms or find another accommodation. 
  • If you are a NON-VISA student and would like to stay at the dorms, please contact us at to request a reservation

Current students 

  • If you haven't stayed in the dorms before and want to move in, please contact us at to request a reservation
  • If you have been living in the dorms and now need an accommodation contract for visa renewal, please contact your dormitory's accommodation office.
  • Before summer, remember that your accommodation contract needs to be renewed for the next year!


Once your reservation is made, you will receive and email with instructions to pay the deposit (about 90 EUR) + first month’s rent (about 150 EUR). If you want to book your spot in the dormitories, you need to make the payment within 14 days by card using a special link sent in the email, or by bank transfer. More on payment methods here.

The reservation will be cancelled if the deposit isn't paid in time.

Upon arrival, you will be asked to pay the second month's rent payment during check-in. 

Each following month, you will again receive an email with a link to make the next rent payment. You can also pay in person by card at the acommodation office.


Charles University Dormitories

Charles University runs several dormitories in and outside of Prague. 

International students of FSV UK are primarily housed at Kolej Hvězda.

Usually, the accommodation units consist of twin rooms (= double room with two separate beds) sharing bathroom facilities (shower and WC) with other rooms in the hall. Kitchen is available at the end of each hall. 
Single rooms are only available for students with health issues (medical records need to be submitted with the request).

Each room is facilitated with wifi (the eduroam network), students can take advantage of study rooms, laundry, a lounge, gym and a student club. 

You can find current accommodation price list on the dormitory website.

The online application on the dormitory website is only in Czech - please do not use it and contact us at if you want to stay in the dorms.

Arrival and check-in

Once you arrive, you need to check in at the accommodation office of your dormitory. Only after the check-in you will be shown into your reserved room. 

If you arrive outside of the AO's office hours, you will of course still be accommodated in one of the dormitory's temporary rooms, where you can stay until the AO opens and you check in. 

Office hours of all Accommodation offices


  • Your ID (passport)
  • Accommodation voucher
  • Confirmation of study or admission to university
  • 1x passport photo
  • Sufficient money on your bank account for one month rent

You will be asked to pay the second month rent, sign the accommodation contract and a few other documents including the dormitory rules. Make sure to read them carefully to avoid any misunderstandings. 

If your arrival is delayed, please inform the accommodation office at that you will come later than the start date of your reservation. This way, they will be able to keep your reservation on hold for you and won't cancel it. 

Housing Assistants - help with issues

Arriving to a completely new environment can be sometimes quite overwhelming. Therefore, each dormitory has its housing assistants - Charles University students staying at the same dormitory who will be always ready to help you with practical issues. Since all housing assistants speak English very well, they will be also able to help you with translations/interpreting at the dormitory.

The contacts for housing assistants can be found on the dormitory website, as well as a basic survival guide with more information about your dormitory straight from the housing assistant. We recommend reading it to get to know the services and options your dorm offers!


The Charles University is only responsible for the accommodation in dorms. However, there are also many possibilities to find private accommodation. You can share a flat with other students and split the rent. The other option is a private dormitory:

The Fizz

New student dormitory run by an international student-housing provider at a premium location in Prague. It combines high-quality living spaces with an inspiring international community.

See the Fizz website.

DC Rezidence

This private dormitory offers accommodation for students in a quiet environment, with all the services needed for undisturbed university studies and subsequent relaxation.

See the DC Rezidence website.

Quick links for private alternatives:


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