Short Study Visit Programme - Freemovers

Short Study Visit Programme - Freemovers


The Short Study Visit Programme is designed to give international students an opportunity to study at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University, without being part of any exchange programme. 

Study stays may be arranged at any of the five Faculty Institutes for one or two semesters, according to the applicant's own preferences.

As a Freemover you can:

  • register for any course offered by the Faculty, up to a total of 30 ECTS credits per semester
  • receive credits for those classes upon completion of the necessary curricular requirements
  • obtain a Transcript of Records, if your visit lasts at least one full semester
  • have personal consultations with an academic supervisor
  • prepare a piece of written work on a specific topic set by the supervisor, which will be assessed by a committee of independent examiners, and attested by a certificate from Charles University

As a Freemover you are required to:

  • Have at least a B2 level of English proficiency 
  • Be a student of a Bachelor, Master or PhD programme (Information for PhD applicants is available here)

Freemover program for students from Ukraine

Students from Ukraine can find more information about the Freemover program here.


According to the Dean's provision OZS/001 a tuition fee of 3000 EUR per semester and an application fee of 880 CZK (approx. 36 EUR) are charged.

The tuition fee covers the cost of tuition and examinations. Students are responsible for paying their own living expenses such as food, lodging, insurance, etc.. The tuition fee is billed at the beginning of the semester, after students' arrival.

The application fee must be paid either by card or via bank transfer at the moment of submitting the application. Applications without the fully paid application fee will not be considered. The application fee is non-refundable even in case of declined acceptance.


The application is submitted online (see link and instructions below). It can be saved and reviewed repeatedly before submitting it. The following attachments are required:

  • CV 
  • Motivation Letter 
  • Transcript of Records
  • Academic recommendation from your home university teacher
  • Copy of your passport/ID
  • Study plan to be submitted in the field “Other” (see below how to create it)
  • Proof of your English proficiency
  • Diploma (optional)


The study plan (kindly use this form) must be filled out and attached to the online Freemover application. It shall contain your study program and the courses that you preliminary choose at the Faculty of Social Sciences.

You can find all available courses for incoming students at FSV UK here.

 study plan

The recommended modification of the search is as follows:

Academic year: on the top menu - adjust via Setup

Faculty: Faculty of Social Sciences

Class: Courses for incoming students

Semester: Winter term (September - February), Summer term (February - June) or both

Language: English

If you wish to modify further by the Institutes of the Faculty - option School (not Departments): 1. Institute of Sociological Studies, 2. Institute of Economic Studies, 3. Institute of Political Studies, 4. Institute of International Studies, 5. Institute of Communication and Journalism

It is also possible to search for courses at the other faculties of Charles University. Students are required to enroll in courses in a total of 30 ECTS (no more) per semester, and at least half of them must be at the Institute related to their study program. 

Please be aware that the offer of courses may change at the beginning and/or throughout the academic year due to limited capacity or unexpected events. In addition, always check the course description for any language or other entry requirements.

General information about the academic year, exams, grading etc. is available here.


Applications can be submitted during the whole academic year, preferably not later than one month before the start of semester (our academic calendar is available here). We strongly suggest, however, that students from non-EU or non-EFTA countries apply by the following dates, in order to start the Visa application process in time:

for the Winter Semester - by the end of of May.

for the Summer Semester - by the end of October. 


We can arrange a room at university dormitories upon request. Students who prefer finding a private accommodation by themselves, can find tips and useful links here.

Further information and contact

What does our orientation week look like? When and where to apply for a Visa? Why is it good to have a buddy? In our section all the important academic and practical information are available in one place. 

For more information contact Ms Antonella Kopic Bernardon, email: