Research Visit Scheme

Research Visit Scheme

  • for post-Masters, Ph.D. candidates and other researchers
  • any length of time, usually between four weeks and two semesters

The main benefit of the scheme is for the researcher to get to know the Faculty´s and University´s functioning, consult his or her work with a chosen supervisor and other scholars, and even attend classes offered at any of the Institutes, since a large number of courses are taught in foreign languages.

You may find an optimal supervisor at one of the Institutes’ websites or we are happy to assist you in this search based on your research project and field of interest.

For further information and assistance please contact the International Office at

Conditions of stay and benefits

  • a temporary full-time student status at Charles University granting access to student fares and discounts
  • personal consultations with a chosen and most suitable supervisor
  • access to all Charles University libraries and their resources remotely and on site
  • a working place/desk at the receiving Institute
  • registration for any course offered by the Faculty, up to a total of 30 ECTS credits per semester
  • reception of a Transcript of Records, if your visit lasts at least one full semester and you are enroled in courses
  • access to ad-hoc workshops for students, and social or academic events


Applications can be submitted during the whole academic year, preferably at least one month prior to the intended stay.

Students from non-EU or non-EFTA countries should apply in advance in order to start the visa application process in time.

To start in the Winter Semester - by 30th May

In the Summer Semester - by 31st October

Required documents: application form, academic CV, motivation letter, research plan, relevant diplomas or Transcript of Records, proof of English proficiency.

Application Form

please, download and fill in relevant items

Tuition fees

The cost of tuition differs if you wish to enrol in courses, as amended by the Dean's provision OZS/001. Also, none of the fees covers accommodation nor living expenses (food, insurance). We can help the students arrange a room at university dormitories upon request.*

  excl. courses incl. courses
1 month 300 euros 500 euros
1 semester 1,500 euros 2,500 euros

Researchers from Central and Eastern Europe can apply for a 5- or 10-month scholarship from the International Visegrad Fund covering both the school fee and providing a stipend for the scholar. Please, check other funding possibilities here.

* Although we do not have any immediate plans to raise school fees, we reserve the right to increase prices in the future, in response to rising overheads.