Short Study Visit Programme ("Free movers")

Short Study Visit Programme ("Free movers")

The Short Study Visit Programme is designed to give international students an opportunity to visit FSV UK on an informal basis (as "freemovers"). Short Study Visits are available at all five of the Faculty's institutes. A large number of our courses are taught in English, French or German.

Visits may be arranged for one or two semesters, according to the applicant's own preferences.

You can get acquainted with our Institutes, find a suitable study programme or a supervisor here.

For further information please contact the International Office at

Information for students of Ukraine

Students of Ukrainian Universities can still apply for a Free mover programme of Summer Semester 2021/2022 

With the financial support of the Czech government, the accepted students of Ukrainian origin will be offered a scholarship in order to temporarily cover their living and other costs. Please, be aware that we enroll into studies only university students who are physically in the Czech Republic and entered the country after 24 February 2022. 

1. Required documents to be submitted to Marie Stanovská (

  • a proof that the person is a student of Ukrainian University (a student card/ confirmation of study)
  • an application form (to be filled out) 
  • transcript of records from past semesters (preferably in English) if available only in Ukrainian, please translate yourself and attach to it
  • a letter of academic interests
  • CV

2. Submitted documents will be evaluated by a responsible academic supervisor and an applicant will be notified with final admission and further instructions.​​​

3. ​Students of Ukrainian Universities with Ukrainian citizenship, coming from Ukraine to Czechia after 24 February 2022 and can prove it (stamp in their passport and later on  a vízum za účelem strpení)

  • Programme fee 0 EUR
  • As a Free mover student of FSV UK you are entitled for a monthly scholarship to cover living and other costs
  • As the summer semester classes are coming to their end (second half of May), students may not be able to register to any courses of FSV UK. In this case the main requirement is to attend the Czech Intensive Language Course
  • Free mover students are asked to participate in Czech Intensive Course (starting May 2022, 5x a week, 5 lessons a day for 5 months) - 4800CZK/ monthly paid by the students, with the intention to later study in a Czech programme
  • Accommodation in the CU dormitory can be booked, it is paid by the student (approx 4000CZK per month, the first day when being accommodated you are required to pay a deposit of 1800CZK plus the first month rent)

4. Students of Ukrainian Universities with citizenship of other countries, coming from Ukraine to Czechia after 24 February 2022

  • programme fee 1200 EUR
  • no scholarship available


Successful applicants can be enrolled in the Free mover programme only if they are physically in Prague.

Online enrollment is NOT possible.

CU student card will be issued ONLY after successful enrollment. 

Should you have any questions or not qualify for either of the above-mentioned groups, please read the Short Study Visit Programme information below or contact Marie Stanovská:

Conditions of study

As part of our Short Study Visit Programme you can:

  • register for any course offered by the Faculty, up to a total of 30 ECTS credits per semester
  • receive credits for those classes upon completion of the necessary curricular requirements
  • obtain a Transcript of Records, if your visit lasts at least one full semester
  • have personal consultations with an academic supervisor
  • prepare a piece of written work on a specific topic set by the supervisor, which will be assessed by a committee of independent examiners, and attested by a certificate from Charles University

Cost of tuition

The cost of tuition is 2500 EUR per semester * 

The fee covers only the cost of tuition and examinations. Students are responsible for paying their own living expenses (food, lodging, insurance, etc.).

Accommodation: We can arrange a room at university dormitories upon request.

* Although we do not have any immediate plans to raise school fees, we reserve the right to increase prices in the future, in response to rising overheads.

* Refugees of Ukraine will be resolved individually (read the information above)


English proficiency

  •  a minimum of level B2  - internationally recognized certificate/ language certificate issued by your university

Diploma or Transcript of records

  • for a master's degree level, your application must include a bachelor's degree diploma plus a diploma supplement
  • for a bachelor degree level, high school diploma, or any university diploma as proof of your previous education

Application deadlines

Applications can be submitted during the whole academic year, preferably approx. one month before the start of semester.

We strongly suggest, however, that students from non-EU or non-EFTA countries apply by these dates:

for Winter Semester - by 30th June

for Summer Semester - by 31st October

in order to start the visa application process in time.

Application Form

Required documents: Application form, CV, diploma or Transcript of Records, proof of English proficiency, motivation letter

Further information

Access to Classes

You are welcome to attend any classes, even from our Bachelor or Master Degree programmes. However, you cannot enrol as degree student without undergoing a regular admission process and paying school fees.


Visa and Residence Permit

If you are a citizen of an EU or an EFTA country you do not need to apply for a visa. It is enough for you to register with the Czech Immigration Police within 30 days after your arrival (this is a legal requirement).

Students from non-EU or non-EFTA countries who wish to stay in the Czech Republic for more than 90 days, need a student visa. This includes students from EU candidate countries. In some cases, it may also include foreign nationals who are currently resident in another EU country.

For more details, see our Visa Information page.