Registration for the first year



Registration for the first year

The registration for our English-taught programmes is organized in several consecutive steps.

  1. Online registration
  2. Approval of your registration
  3. Registration into the Student Information System (SIS)
  4. Reservation of an in-person appointment
  5. In-person meeting with us + Nostrification
  6. Getting your Student Card (ISIC)
  7. Meetings with programme directors and coordinators

Q&A online session

A Q&A online session with the International Office staff about the registration process will take place in September. 

Online registration

  1. The online registration will be possible from September 5th 2024..
  2. You have to submit an online request for registration via your online application. Download this document, fill in the Enrolment form, print it, and sign it. Scan it (a legible photo is also acceptable) and attach the scan as a single attachment to the official request. Fill in the short reasoning and submit the request. You can find the manual for online registration here
    Note: Make sure to choose "Application for Distance Registration", NOT "Other application".
  3. The above-mentioned document also contains the Matriculation Oath and Information on Occupational Safety and Fire Protection. Please, read them carefully. By signing the Enrolment Form, you confirm that you have read these documents and agree with them.
  4. Please note that the assessment of your request can take several days as we have to verify several things. If there is any issue with your request, we will contact you via email. In specific cases, we have the right to deny online registration and require mandatory in-person registration.

Registration into the Student Information System

  1. After the approval of your request, you will receive registration details for the Student information system (SIS) via email.
  2. In this email, you will find your login and initial password
  3. You have to change the initial password within 5 days.
  4. You will need SIS to enroll in courses - this registration will open in mid-September. See the manual on how to do it here. SIS is also where you will register for exams, see your exam results, etc. 

Reservation of an in-person appointment

  1. After the successful online registration, you can book an in-person appointment with us to finish the necessary paperwork.
  2. The in-person appointment will be possible from September 9th 2024.
  3. You can book the appointment via the reservation system accessible in your online application.
  4. You can see the manual here.
  5. When booking your appointment, please consider the date of your arrival in Czechia. 
  6. The appointment will be held in the Jinonice building, with specific room TBA

In-person appointment and Nostrification

  1. Come on the scheduled date and time to our office 
  2. Bring the original or the notarized hard copy of your diploma and transcript of records with you for nostrification. See the form the documents should have in order for us to approve them: for secondary education documents, see here; for university education documents, see here; the forms of authorization of documents are listed here. Should you have further questions, contact us at

Getting the Student Card

  1. See this website for more information.


  1. To finish the registration, you have to present the original or the notarized copy of your diploma and transcript of records to us by the end of October 2023 at the latest. The easiest way is to bring these documents to the arranged meeting with us unless you have already sent them to us via post (not email) in advance.
    If you know you will arrive in Czechia later than in October, please send us these documents via post to the address Marcela Vrbatová, International Office, Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University, Smetanovo nabr. 6, 11000 Prague 1, Czechia.
  2. Please note that after your online registration is approved, you are considered our student, and you are obliged to pay the whole year tuition fee. Please take this into thorough consideration with regards to your travel plans and the risk of online teaching.
  3. If you travel to Czechia late and there will be no possible dates in the online system, please book your appointment with us via email at
  4. Each student is obliged to fill in their Czech contact address into the SIS and keep this Czech contact address updated. We will use this address to send you the necessary hard copy documents regarding your studies if needed.


The general orientation meeting for all the newly accepted students will take place on September 25th at the Jinonice campus. Here, we will tell you more about general life in Czechia, getting familiar with Prague and the initial basic necessary for you to land on your feet. 

Apart from this meeting, students will also have a program specific meeting with the program coordinators and directors. 

The program orientation meeting dates and places will be specified at the beginning of September 2024 at the latest.

Programme Date Time Place Note
BEF 17.9.   online In-person pre-semester meeting on 24.9. in Jinonice
CSF 10.9. 10:00 online link to be sent via email
GPS 16.9. 10.00    
MAS 24.9. 11.30 Jinonice C612  
BECES 24.9. 11:30 Jinonice C612  
IEPS 11.9. 15:00   also hybrid version
MAIN 16.9. 13:00 Jinonice C520 also online via MS Teams
MEF 9.9.   online  
PPE 24.9.   Jinonice C122  
PASP 26.9. 10:00    


SOSCI 16.9. 11:00 Jinonice also hybrid version. In-person meet up pre-semester 26.-27.9. in Jinonice