Recognition of Previous Degree Education

Recognition of Previous Degree Education

In order to enrol into our Master’s programs, you need to submit a proof that you successfully finished at least your Bachelor education.  

WHEN: You need to submit your hardcopies of your documents by the September in-person registration at the latest. For the application, you only have to submit scans of your documents (with translation, if needed). Should you be accepted, you will be asked to bring hardcopies with authentication.

WHAT: You should submit your diploma and diploma supplement/transcript of records of your studies.
By diploma, we mean a final certificate of your studies. The document should clearly state that you completed your Bachelor education, your credentials and the degree you achieved. By transcript of records, we mean a document describing the content and scope of your completed education including grades(can be a diploma supplement.

HOW: 1) In person during the in-person registration in September
2) Send it via post or courier service in advance in case you aren't able to arrive in Prague by the end of September

Please use this address:
Marcela Vrbatová
International Office
Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University
Smetanovo nábř. 6
110 01 Praha 1

THE PROCESS: Your documents will be assessed based on 3 criteria: validity of the document (“Is it a hard copy or notarized copy?”), language translation (“Is it in English or Czech?”) and authentication (based on country of origin – Apostille or Superlegalization).
This assessment is free of charge.

Please note: The assessment of your documents (nostrification) is only valid for the purposes of admission at the Faculty of Social Sciences, CU.

Should you have any queries regarding the process of recognition of your previous education, please contact Marcela Vrbatová (

Which document do you have?

Choose from the options below.


Provide your degree diploma – an original document or a notarized copy. No need for further authentication.

If you completed your previous studies at the Faculty of Social Sciences, you do not need to bringyour diploma; we will be able to see it in your student records.


You will need to go through nostrification assessment of documents (a process of recognizing the validity of your diploma). This is required by the Czech law.
A hard copy or notarized copy must be presented.
All submitted documents which are not originally issued in the Czech, English, or Slovak languages must be officially translated by a sworn translator into the Czech or English languages.

The documents must be authenticated depending on the country of origin: Forms of verification by the country (with the exception of article B)



If you have already gone through the general nostrification process and have a document proving the recognition of your foreign education degree issued by the MOI, MOE or MOD, you can submit the original or a notarized copy of this document.

More on this process can be found here.


This is a document issued in Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, or Slovenia (only Masters), as these countries have an international agreement with Czechia.

You need to submit your diploma – an original document or notarized copy. No further authentication is necessary.


Submit a copy of your diploma and diploma supplement - an original or notarized copy. The documents should be authenticated based on the country where the document was issued (see Forms of verification by the country).

If there is any ambiguity, the students may be asked to obtain a general nostrification (see A).