Elective course Management of Science and Innovation

Management of Science and Innovation

Elective course Management of Science and Innovation

Centre for Knowledge and Technology Transfer of Charles University opens one-semester long elective course Management of Science and Innovation (MSI). Its objective is to provide all CU faculties with unified education in management of science, project management and technology transfer.

Its target group are students from all faculties of Charles University from 4th and higher grades of Master´s programmes, following Master´s programmes, Ph.D. programmes and also employees of Charles University within CU lifelong learning programme.

Form of teaching is mostly distant (webinars in Moodle CU) with 2 presence-based seminars only. Course completion is rewarded with 6 credits and electronic badge.

The enrollment via SIS is possible from 1st to 18th February 2018 (subject code TVOL0002, maximum 40 students).

The first lecture will take place on Tuesday, 20th February 2018 at 4 PM in the "Zelená" lecture hall (UK building in Celetná 20, Praha 1). 

For more information about the course please see this promotional video on YouTube