Czech as Foreign Language

Czech Language Classes

The Department of Languages at FSV UK is able to offer a number of Czech language classes at various levels, from Beginners to Intermediate.

Getting a basic grip of the language has many positive effects – not only regarding the practicalities of getting around, but you will also be more likely to connect with the locals. 
What we teach: the most useful lines to have a basic communication in Czech – being in a bar, shopping at a farmer’s market, getting a theatre ticket or even while visiting your Czech friend’s parents.

Incoming students and all who are interested in studying Czech are welcome to register for these. However, it must be pointed out that since these classes are not part of the standard curriculum, they are not financed by the Czech Ministry of Education. This is why there is a small charge to cover our costs.

In the academic year 2019/20, the cost is 4,800 CZK (about €180) per semester. It is quite intense: 2x a week for a 120-minute session. And also you will be rewarded by 6 ETCS credits.  A standard charge in professional language schools is twice the price.

You can easily register online for the classes through our Student Information System (SIS). If you are not a student at the Faculty of Social Sciences and/or you do not have a student number in the SIS, please send an e-mail to

Here are the classes that are offered:

  • Czech as a Foreign Language - JLB100 – Beginner level
  • Czech as a Foreign Language - JLB102 – Advanced beginner level
  • Czech as a Foreign Language - JLB103 – Intermediate level

If you have any questions about Czech courses, please contact Mrs Edita Frantesova at