Study at Charles University can be interesting for many reasons. Some of them probably made you visit this page and look for more information. If you want to enrich your life by experience in Central Europe, Charles University with its three seats Prague (14 faculties), Hradec Králové (2 faculties) and Pilsen (1 faculty) is an excellent place. You can choose from various courses in English, German, French and in Czech.

The Czech Republic is a small country in the centre of Europe. Thanks to its location at the crossroads of various cultures, the Czech Republic has countless cultural and historical points of interest.

Our faculty ranks among the most popular faculties of Charles University for Erasmus+ students.

Practical information can be found here.  


1. Nomination

To study at the Faculty of Social Sciences as an Erasmus student, student’s home university must have an Erasmus Bilateral Agreement with Charles University, Faculty of Social Sciences and home University coordinator must nominate the student.

2. Application Process

Once the nomination has been accepted, a nominated student must complete an online application formRegistration for incoming student placement winter term 2020/2021 will be possible from 1st March 2020.  

Deadlines for students to complete online applications are as follow:

  • Winter Semester: visa students 30th May 2020, rest 15th June 2020
  • Summer Semester: visa students 15th October 2020, rest 30th October 2020

3. Sending complete documents to us

Once the online application is filled in, a student has to send by email the following documents:

  1. E- Application form - signed and stamped by the home university 
  2. Learning agreement approved, signed and stamped by the home university and student. It can be sent along with the Erasmus+ form. Please note 51% of the courses must be from our Faculty. 
  3. Transcript of Grades 
  4. Confirmation of student’s language skillsRequired level of language knowledge is B2.

All documents must be included in 1 email (otherwise the application will not be accepted) and send to email address 

More information about the application process can be found at the University website.


Erasmus+ Timeline

Winter Semester

January – 15th June (visa students 30th May)

You are nominated by your home university and you will receive info email from us about the application process. 
March – 15th June (visa students 30th May) Fill in the online application form.
Until 30th June (visa students 15th June) Deliver all required documents by email to the E+ coordinator.
June - August Your application form and the learning agreement is under approval.
June - August You will receive signed documents, accommodation voucher, etc. BY POST.
Early August You will receive information from the European Office about the dormitory accommodation and the deposit payment (deadline 15th August).
Early September You will be receiving information about Welcome Week and the start of the semester.
End of September (a week before the semester starts) Welcome Week
End of September – the beginning of October (first 3 weeks) Courses registration
End of September – end of October Submit Changes to the Learning Agreement (DURING MOBILITY part of your LA) + Certificate of Arrival and have it signed by the international office. 
Mid of February Check out at the international office – your certificate of attendance/departure to be signed.


Learning agreement

Learning agreement is a fundamental document that recognizes your studies at the receiving university. It includes courses that are agreed to be accomplished during your mobility.

Search for courses in our Student System (SIS), choose your courses following the rule 51% courses are from the Faculty of Social Sciences and fill in your LA. Have it approved by your home university and then send it to us by email along with other required documents.

To be accepted we ask for the Learning Agreement that is part of the online application form. And if your university requires their Learning Agreement form, we can sign it as well.  

Online Learning Agreement OLA

Some universities use OLA. For a successful signing process, please make sure you put the right information about the receiving university coordinator and valid courses. In case your LA is declined, please read the note and amend it accordingly.

Receiving Institution Information

Name: Univerzita Karlova (Charles University)
Erasmus code: CZ PRAHA07
Faculty: Faculty of Social Sciences
Address: Smetanovo nabrezi 6, Prague 1
Country: Czech Republic
Contact Person Name: Magdalena Capkova
Contact Person Email:

Erasmus+ Institucional coordinators

Contact person

For more information contact our Exchange coordinator Ms Magdalena Capkova, email: