Arrival and Getting Around

Arrival at Prague

All international flights arrive at Václav Havel Airport, approximately 20 km to the northwest of the city centre. There are several ways you can get from the airport to the dormitory.


This is undoubtedly the most comfortable way to travel but also the most expensive. Prices for a taxi journey from the airport into town range from 150 CZK to 1000 CZK, depending on your precise destination. 

Of the two taxi firms, FIX TAXI used to have a monopoly on taxi transport from the airport and their services are still closely bound to their airport shuttle service. TAXI PRAHA is a regular city taxi service, which operates all over Prague area. Both companies use the standard metering system. Find more information here.  

City shuttle van

It will take you directly to your dormitory. It is charged at a flat rate of 480 CZK for 1 to 4 people or 960 CZK for 5 or more people and is generally cheaper than taking a taxi. However, it is also slower, since the van will have up to eight passengers, and will have to visit up to eight different addresses.  


Take the city bus 119, the Airport Express or the regular Airport shuttle service to Dejvická metro station (by the Diplomat Hotel) and then continue by public transport. To take the city bus you will need to buy a ticket for 24 CZK (valid for 30 minutes) or 32 CZK (valid for 90 minutes) in the airport lounge and you must remember to validate the ticket by date-stamping it when you get on the bus. To take the Airport Express, pay 60 CZK directly to the driver. The airport shuttle costs 120 CZK, also payable to the driver. Dejvická is the first stop of both the Airport Express and the airport shuttle service. For further details of the onward journey from Dejvická see below.

You can also take the city bus 100 which connects the airport with the Zličín metro station (yellow line B) from which you can get directly into the centre of Prague.

You can find more information about transport on Václav Havel Airport website.

Arrival by train or bus

Most international trains arrive either at Prague Main Station ("Hlavní nádraží") or at Holešovice Station("Nádraží Holešovice") to the north of the city. Both stations are on metro line C (the red line). International coaches usually arrive at coach station Florenc (metro lines B and C, yellow and red) or at coach station Želivského (metro line A, the green line).

Getting to your dorm by public transport

Charles University has a number of dormitory residences scattered through various parts of the city. Exchange students are usually housed in one of the following five dormitories: Kolej Kajetánka and Kolej Hvězda in Prague 6, Kolej Hostivař in Prague 10, Kolej Otava in Prague 4 and Kolej 17. listopadu in Prague 8. Students are automatically assigned a dormitory when they are sent their Letter of Acceptance. 

Kolej Hvězda

From the airport: Take city bus 179 which runs directly to Hvězda. This is the cheapest and perhaps the best option if you arrive before 7:00 PM. For Hvězda, get off at "Nad Markétkou" stop (ask the driver to tell you where to get off).

From the railway station or bus station: Take the metro to "Hradčanská" station (on line A, the green line), then change to city tram 1 in the direction "Petřiny". Get off at "Větrník" stop. The dorm is a short walk downhill to your left.

Kolej Kajetánka

From the airport: Take city bus 179. This is the cheapest and perhaps the best option if you arrive before 7:00 PM. For Kajetánka, get off at "Vypich" (ask the driver to tell you where to get off) and transfer to city bus 174or 180. Then get off at "Na Petýnce" (ask the driver to tell you when to get off). 

From the railway station or bus station: Take the metro to "Hradčanská" station (on line A, the green line). Then take city bus 174 and get off at "Kajetánka". To get to the bus stop, turn left at the top of the station's escalators and head for the exit on the right – the bus stop is located next to a flea market.

Kolej Hostivar

From the airport: Take city bus 119 or Airport Express to metro station "Dejvická" (by the Diplomat Hotel). Then take the metro to "Skalka" station (on line A, the green line). Then transfer to bus 125 and get off at "Nádraží Hostivař". Alternatively, you can take Airport Express bus to "Náměstí Republiky" and then transfer to tram 26 and get off at "Nádraží Hostivař".

From the railway station or bus station: Take the metro to "Skalka" station (on line A, the green line) and then proceed as above.

Kolej Otava

From the airport: Take Airport Express to metro station "Hlavní nádraží". Then take the metro C to "Chodov" station (line C is the red line). At "Chodov" take the first exit on the left and transfer to city bus 177 and get off at "Volha".

From the railway station or bus station: Take the metro to "Chodov" station and then proceed as above.

Kolej 17. listopadu

From the airport: Take Airport Express to "Náměstí Republiky", then transfer to tram 24 and get off at "Nádraží Holešovice". There take city bus 112 and get off at "Pelc Tyrolka". The two high-rise buildings across the highway are the dormitory. There is a path underneath the highway.

From the railway station or bus station: Take the metro to "Nádraží Holešovice" (on line C) and then proceed as above. If your train arrives at "Nádraží Holešovice", you can skip the metro and proceed straight to the bus. 

Using public transport system


For all the journeys we recommend that you buy at least two 24 CZK tickets or 32 CZK ticket before you set off (one for the journey, one in reserve). Tickets are widely available in the airport lounge, in the hall of Holešovice Station and Prague Main Station, at news-stands and kiosks and from ticket machines at the entrance to the metro, but please remember that you must validate the ticket by date-stamping it before starting your journey. Tickets are also available from bus drivers for the slightly higher price of 40 CZK and these must also be date-stamped even if you use them on the same bus where you purchased them. 

Do not forget to date-stamp your ticket

Look out for the little yellow boxes with a green arrow which are available at the entrance to the metro and on all trams and busses. You may be fined if you are caught travelling with an unstamped ticket. Please also try to hold the ticket the right way up when you are stamping it. Some ticket inspectors can be very nasty about this!

How many tickets should you stamp? 

In most cases, one 32 CZK ticket should be enough to cover your whole journey. Please note that there is a time limit of 90 minutes (or 30 minutes if you buy 24 CZK ticket). If you are running short of time, date-stamp a second ticket. You do not have to date-stamp your ticket again (i.e. second time) when you transfer between bus and tram or metro.

Finding your stop

Throughout the Prague public transport system, the names of each stop are announced in the public address system before the doors open. At each stop, the PA will first give the name of the stop where you have arrived and then say what the next stop is (in Czech, of course). In more modern trams, buses and metro trains, there is also a computer display which gives information about the stop that you have reached. 

You can find more information about transport on Prague Public Transport website and about getting tickets or a  student season smart-card on Lítačka website.