Arrival and Getting Around

Arrival at Prague

Arrival by airplane

All international flights arrive at Václav Havel Airport. There are several ways you can get from the airport to the dormitory or the city center:


This is undoubtedly the most comfortable way to travel but also the most expensive. Prices for a taxi journey from the airport into town range from 200 CZK to 1000 CZK, depending on your precise destination. You can use the airport’s partner taxi companies - FIX TAXI and TAXI PRAHA. Find the contact information here. Alternatively, you can order Uber, Bolt or Liftago taxis via their respective apps.

Shuttle van

The shuttle van can take you directly to your dormitory. It is cheaper than taking a taxi, however, it is also slower, since the van will have up to seven passengers, and will have to visit up to seven different addresses. Find more information here.

Public transport

From the airport, you can get to the center by public transport buses, which leave every couple of minutes directly from both terminals: line 100 in the direction of Zličín (metro line B, yellow line), line 119 in the direction of Nádraží Veleslavín (metro line A, green line) or line 191 in the direction of Anděl (metro line B). If you are traveling to the main train station, you can use the special Airport Express bus line. You can find more information about transport on Prague public transport website

Arrival by train or bus

Most international trains arrive either at the Prague Main Station ("Hlavní nádraží") or at the Holešovice Station ("Nádraží Holešovice"). Both stations are directly on the metro line C (red line). International coaches usually arrive at the Florenc coach station (metro lines B and C, yellow and red line) or at the Želivského coach station (metro line A, green line).



Prague public transport system

Prague public transport system, constituted by metro, buses and trams, is one of the densest and most reliable in the world. You can get the idea by looking at the maps. For more information and updates, check the Prague Public Transport website. To search for connections and plan your journey, use the official Prague Public Transport app called Lítačka.


Tickets are widely available in the airport lounge, in the hall of Holešovice Station and Prague Main Station, at news-stands and kiosks and from ticket machines at the entrance to the metro. You can also buy tickets and coupons via the Lítačka app. Last but not least, there is a ticket machine that accepts contactless credit/debit cards in the middle of every tram vehicle. Details can be found here.

Do not forget to date-stamp your ticket

You must validate the ticket by date-stamping it before starting your journey. Look out for the little yellow boxes with a green arrow which are available at the entrance to the metro and on all trams and buses. You will be fined if you are caught travelling with an unstamped ticket. Be sure you are holding the ticket the right way up when you are stamping it. Some ticket inspectors can be uncompromising about this!

How many tickets should you stamp? 

In most cases, one 40 CZK ticket should be enough to cover your whole journey. Please note that there is a time limit of 90 minutes (or 30 minutes if you buy a 30 CZK ticket). If you are running short of time, date-stamp a second ticket. You do not have to date-stamp your ticket again (i.e. second time) when you transfer between bus and tram or metro.

Season tickets

By purchasing season tickets (monthly, quarterly, 5-month or annual), you will save money and you won’t have to think about buying and stamping your tickets every single journey. The price list is here. You will need to get the Lítačka card for that but then you can use the Lítačka app to store your season tickets.

Finding your stop

Throughout the Prague public transport system, the names of each stop are announced in the public address system before the doors open. At each stop, the PA will first give the name of the stop where you have arrived and then say what the next stop is (in Czech, of course). In more modern trams, buses and metro trains, there is also a computer display which gives information about the stop that you have reached. 

Other means of transport


The centre of Prague is rather small, therefore you will find walking the most efficient means of transport sometimes. It provides a bit of exercise and stunning views. Just be careful when crossing the streets: trams have right of way even on pedestrian crossings!


If you like biking but don’t want to purchase your own bicycle for your Prague stay, you can rent one! Look for bright pink bicycles called Rekola. Currently, the price is ca 1 EUR per 30 minutes. There is no deposit required, you just need to install an app.


Revised August 2021.

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