Dear alumni of Charles University,

The fact that you have already graduated (no matter how long ago) does not mean that you have to sever all your ties with your alma mater. On the contrary – we would be very glad to keep in touch with you and continue to work together!

CU Alumni Club

The main mission of the CU Alumni Club is to provide information, educational, cultural and social services to all its members – the alumni of the Charles University. Therefore, the Alumni Club is here for all of you, who had chosen this university, and spent a few years here studying a demanding field you wanted to get into.

The membership is open to all Charles University graduates. The club enables its members to participate in lectures and seminars, as well as important university events. In addition, the club organizes numerous social events, such as the garden party in June, or the Christmas meeting. Last not least, interesting benefits are offered to the holders of the member cards.

We’ll be really pleased if you decide to stay in touch with your alma mater. And we firmly believe that we will go on meeting on the premises of our – and your – Charles University.

By joining, you’ll get…

  • The latest information about what’s new at the university and at your faculty
  • Regular invitations to social and cultural events, presentations and seminars
  • Attractive benefits within the university and external partners
  • A chance to meet former fellow students, professors as well as current university representatives
  • The opportunity to use the university library and database
  • A chance to remain in active contact with your alma mater


"I did not find another university offering equally interesting and practical composition of subjects. I always tell my family and my friends that my time in Prague has been the best period of my life until now. (...) I enjoyed the practical approach of lecturers and possibility of taking courses of both Czech and guest lecturers from different countries. I also highlight the amount and the quality of support I get from International Office. In whatever situation I have been I always got the assistance and the support of IO staff for which I am extremely thankful."

– Davit Petrosyan

student of Master in International Security Studies (MISS) programme, Armenia


"Coming to Prague has been the most rewarding experience; the beauty of this city never stops to amaze me and my Masters degree at Charles University has been both enriching and overwhelming. The multi-dimensional teaching methods as well as discussions and debates with students from multi-cultural environments have been truly insightful and it has pushed me to think out-of-the-box. No doubt I’m loving every bit of my stay here."

– Angela Nivandranee Perinpanayagam

student of Public and Social Policy (PSP) programme, Sri Lanka


“When studying there, I loved it. The school taught me how to dislearn, how to think alone and critically and not buy into mainstream propaganda called education.”

 – Tomáš Sedláček

Chief Macroeconomic Strategist at ČSOB, the largest Czech bank

author of international bestseller The Economics of Good and Evil


… The quality of teachers and their individual approach to students, a great selection of German language lectures and the possibility of studying abroad, linking study to practice and the standard of other students, which I continue to meet frequently in my job. All this, along with an interesting study, provided me with invaluable qualifications for my professional life.”


 – Tomáš Jelínek

Managing Director at Czech-German Fund for the Future


“I think the Institute of Economic Studies provides its students with a useful and comprehensive curriculum. It has an appropriate emphasis on modern economics and quantitative techniques, which I found essential in my subsequent career.”

 – Martin Čihák

International Monetary Fund, Washington, D.C.


“FSV UK and its Institute of Economic Studies provided a completely new attitude to the education of economics after 1990 as compared to the previous period. It offered standard economic lectures, renewed relationship with universities in developed countries and based grounds for research of high quality.”

 – Zdeněk Tůma

KPMG, Director and former Governor of the Czech National Bank


“FSV UK has been my second and sometimes the first home since 1989 when I was enrolled as a student of journalism. Although I stayed as a teacher and a researcher, the school inspired me never to stop being a student. Its people, inter-disciplinary perspective and focus on excellence in research is helping me to permanently re-discover media studies as the most exciting field of inquiry.”

 – Irena Carpentier Reifová

CEE Communication and Media Conference 2012, Chair of the Executive Board

Research Coordinator, FSV UK


“The studies at FSV UK prepared me well for my current profession and enabled me to meet many excellent people, be they among the staff or the students.

 – Jan Marian

Head of Unit for the Eastern Partnership, Belarus and Russia at Ministry of Foreign Affairs


“The Faculty provided me with great insight into current issues in Central and Eastern Europe.”

 – Milan Nič

Senior Fellow at Central European Policy Institute

former adviser to Slovak high representatives


“I have learned how to solve problems both on my own and in teams, which proved crucial in my career… I still co-operate with many of my classmates who hold important positions at various companies and universities around the world.”

 – Jan Valenta

CFO at EVRAZ Highveld Steel and Vanadium, South Africa

graduate of Bachelor in Economics and Finance (BEF) and Master in Finance (MEF) programmes


“I am very proud to be alumni of FSV UK. Long tradition, highest academic standards, strong commitment and discipline make it a unique school. My experience was both fun and challenging. The background I received at Charles University gives me confidence and potential I need to go where I want to be.

 – Aleksey Bozhko, Uzbekistan

graduate of International Economic and Political Studies (IEPS) programme


“What an amazing experience!”

 – Claire Hughes, Australia

graduate of International Economic and Political Studies (IEPS) programme


“FSV UK offers a wide spectrum of different classes and what was particularly important for me –  they were specific in their area of studies.”

 – Dara Dobrijevic, Slovenia

undergraduate of MTS


“It is building self-confidence and the interaction with different faculty members and students of different cultural backgrounds is a great experience as well.”

 – Ana Vachadze, Georgia

graduate of International Economic and Political Studies (IEPS) programme


Updated: June 2022