Current matriculation dates

Matriculation dates to be announced.

Matriculation (ceremonial introduction of students to study) takes place in the Carolinum Great Hall, Ovocný trh 5, Prague 1 (CU Rectorate) - map

All newly enrolled first-year students will receive an email invitation. Participation is mandatory for all first-year Bachelor's, Master's and doctoral students. For the time of matriculation, the student is excused from classes. Students who have previously participated in matriculation at the Charles University are excused from participation.


What is matriculation?
Matriculation is an official ceremony to formally welcome the students among the academics. It is a very old traditional event that goes back to the very founding of the university. The students are addressed by the Dean of the Faculty and take a ceremonial oath of a student (see below).

Is there a dress code for the matriculation?
Semi-formal dress code is recommended. At minimum, suit pants and white shirt for men, skirt with a dress top for women. Suit with a tie/bowtie for men and pant suit or cocktail dress for women are ideal. Students who don't adhere to the dress code (wearing jeans, graphic shirts, sneakers, etc.) will unfortunately not be allowed to participate in the ceremony.

Is matriculation mandatory?
Generally, yes. Every first-year student is expected to attend the ceremony. For the duration of the ceremony, students are excused from lectures. Serious reasons for not attending will be considered (e.g. doctor's appointment, not having arrived in Prague yet, work duties, etc.).

Is matriculation open to the public? 
No. Matriculation is for the students only.  


Matriculation of students (ceremonial taking of the academic pledge) takes place in the presence of the Rector or Vice-rector and the Dean or Vice-dean of the relevant faculty.

The matriculation oath:

"I promise to properly exercise the rights and fulfil the duties of a member of the academic community of Charles University. I promise to respect the glorious humanistic and democratic tradition of Charles University, to heed its good reputation, and to study so that my activity brings universal benefit."

Matriculation ceremony procedure:

If you want to be thoroughly prepared for the ceremony, you can read the entire matriculation ceremony procedure in the Matriculation and Graduation Code below.