Scholarships and Tuition Fees


The tuition fee is set by the Dean for the whole academic year. You can find the exact amount on the webpage of each particular program of Bachelor's studies and Master's studies. You can pay the yearly tuition fee in two installments – one installment per semester. We send the invoices to our students after the start of each semester. Newly admitted students are asked to pay the tuition fee for the first semester in advance to confirm their interest in enrolling in the particular program. The deadline for payments is clearly stated on each invoice.

You can pay the tuition fees either in EUR or in CZK. If you wish to pay in another currency (e.g., USD), you are free to do so, but you have to make sure that you pay the equivalent value of the price in CZK, not the nominal price in EUR. There are several payment options: 1. via online payment by credit/debit card, 2. by bank transfer, 3. by personal check, or in cash in person at our Cash Office. Please be aware the procedure of the interruption of your study will be started if you fail to pay the tuition fee within the deadline stated on the invoice.

Please note that as the tuition fee assessment period is one academic year, the obligation to pay the yearly amount of tuition fee (i.e. both winter and summer semester installment) arises immediately once the student subscribes to the current academic year. Therefore, the student's obligation to pay the full-year tuition fee does not cease to exist in the case of termination or graduation in the middle of the academic year nor in the case of interruption of studies for a part of the academic year.


Please note that we do not offer full scholarships; all our scholarship options are partial. 

Our Faculty administers several different scholarship options of two types:

  • Tuition fee reductions
    These scholarships are awarded in the form of a discount on the tuition fee, usually around one third or two  thirds of the annual fee. They are awarded based on excellent results during the admission process or studies, or once the student fulfills all their study obligations at the end of their studies. 
  • Financial aid scholarships
    These scholarships are awarded in the form of a one lump sum payment that is intended to go towards the student's tuition or living expenses. They are awarded either based on good study results or difficult financial situation of the students needing aid with living expenses. 

These scholarships are administered on a yearly basis and are awarded only for one particular year. 


There are three option for fee reduction, two of which are based on excellent results. Those are awarded to our students automatically. I. e. we will inform all awarded students that they are eligible. Once informed, these students then have to submit the official application form at our office (the form will be provided to you by the International Office). Please note that none of these scholarships can be requested and they can only be granted through this official procedure. The scholarship cannot be awarded to students who fail to submit the application form on time and they will have to pay the full tuition fee.

For a complete overview of current tuition fee reductions available for particular programs (valid for AY 2023/2024) see the up-to-date Directive.

Excellent results at the admission procedure

This scholarship is awarded to the best students according to the evaluation of the Admission Committee in the February and April deadline of the Admissions. The amount of the tuition fee reduction can be up to EUR 4000 per year. The Admission Committee of a particular program sets a threshold for the award of the scholarships and their value during the evaluation procedure. Awarded applicants are informed about the scholarship via email together with their official acceptance. 

Excellent study results during studies

This scholarship is awarded to the best students according to the program ranking based on their study results in the previous academic year. The ranking methodology is determined by the Director of the Institute and it can include a minimum threshold for the award of the scholarship. The amount of the tuition fee reduction can be up to EUR 4000 per year. Awarded applicants are informed about the scholarship via email.

Fulfillment of most study obligations

Students who continue in their studies after the standard period of studies and finished all their study requirements except Final Exams, Defense of a Thesis, Diploma Seminar, and one extra course can apply for this scholarship. The scholarship significantly reduces the tuition fee to EUR 600 per year. You can find more instructions here. The eligible students will be informed at the beginning of the academic year and will receive the reduced invoice. 


These scholarships are administered directly by the Faculty of Social Sciences.


Charles University directly administers this scholarship to support living expenses of students in demonstrably difficult financial situation. Students need to apply for this scholarship directly to the International Office.

The FSV UK Scholars Program is available for any degree program student at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University in both Bachelor and Master programs that meets the conditions. The scholarship is administered as a one-time lump-sum payment on a year-by-year basis. Usually, the scholarship is provided to 8-10 awardees per year. The exact amount of scholarship can differ based on the number of supported students. Most often, it is about CZK 75 000 (approx. EUR 3 000). The deadline for applications is April 30th.

You can find details information and how to apply for the scholarship here.


Merits Based Scholarship

This scholarship (the Scholarship for Outstanding  Academic Achievement) is offered to students with excellent study results each year, and it is administered automatically by the Faculty, i.e. you do not have to apply for it.

The scholarship is paid out in November or December retrospectively based on the results of the previous academic year in the form of a one-time lump-sum payment. This means that only students in their 2nd and further year of study are eligible for it.

All students (Czech and English programmes together) who meet the scholarship's criteria are considered for the scholarship. The students are divided into five subgroups according to Institutes. The predefined percentage of students with the best study results within each of these sub-groups is awarded the scholarship. The entire sum of scholarship money for excellent study results will be distributed evenly among all the selected students within the sub-groups. The amount of scholarship slightly differs each year depending on the number of awardees. The Dean will stipulate the minimum and maximum amount of scholarship and the percentage of students eligible for the scholarship upon the statement obtained from the academic senate.

You can read the basic information in this document.


The various scholarships administered at our Faculty are governed by these main documents:

The Scholarship and Bursary Rules of Charles University

The Rules for Awarding Scholarships and Bursaries at the Faculty of Social Sciences of Charles University

Directive S_OCJSP_001

Directive S_OCJSP_002



We encourage all students to search and apply for any external scholarship or funding of their choice. The International Office can provide such students with supporting documents if needed once the student is accepted for the studies.

We have good experience with the Visegrad scholarship administered by International Visegrad Fund for students from the Visegrad group and partner countries. 

Another organization is The Fullbright Commission, which offers scholarships to US students who want to study and conduct research at Czech universities. Advanced graduate and postgraduate students are preferred.


Special note for US applicants

Unfortunately, we are not currently registered with USDE, either as Faculty or at the central level as Charles University. We are also well aware that some of our Medical Faculties do have this registration, which causes much confusion among our applicants.

Charles University is taking steps towards registration with USDE. Nevertheless, we are very sorry, but we are not able to offer this service due to the extreme bureaucracy joint with the USDE registration at this moment. It is also not possible to use one of the Medical Faculty USDE codes to study at our Faculty. This would be a clear breach of the terms of their registration with USDE