International Economic and Political Studies (IEPS)

International Economic and Political Studies (IEPS)

This programme investigates contemporary political, economic and social issues from a multidisciplinary perspective. It is based on the Oxford-style "PPE". Although the emphasis in IEPS is placed on economics and political science, students will also be expected to explore their philosophical, historical, legal and sociological aspects. The nature of the programme is highly flexible and allows specialisation in economics, politics, or philosophy. The programme is taught by members of all five institutes of the faculty, in particular, the Institute of Political Studies (IPS) and the Institute of Economic Studies (IES). IEPS aims to enhance the ways of critical thinking and understanding of social, economic and political phenomena in globalised societies. Students deal with the nature of economic objectives of agents, social organisation, institutions of power, the emergence of conflicts and efforts for cooperation. They are expected to master the principles of modern non-conventional economic thinking and be able to apply it in political decision-making at the level of supra-national institutions, states, regional governments, corporations, firms, political parties and civic societies.

Application submission deadlines

Early-bird application deadline: 28. 02. 2023
The early-bird deadline is strongly recommended for students from visa-seeking countries. Please, be aware that it is the student's responsibility to obtain a visa before enrolling in the programme.

Regular application deadline: 30. 04. 2023



More information

Basic Information

Programme Duration: 2 years

Language of Instruction: English

Academic Supervisor: doc. PhDr. Miloš Brunclík, Ph.D. (

Programme Coordinator: Mgr. Jakub Franěk, Ph.D. (

Admission Administration:

Tuition Fee: 7 000 EUR per year

Reduction or Waiving the Fee: The Faculty of Social Sciences offers a set of scholarships and fee reductions. All conditions and terms can be found here

Documents for Application: See the instruction via online application above. IMPORTANT: Please note, the motivation letter should be in the form of an essay of approx. 500 words. You should explain in the essay why you are interested in this interdisciplinary study programme.

Study Prerequisites: The programme is open to students who have completed a Bachelor's degree (or equivalent). Prior study of political science or economics is not required. However, excellent background in mathematics and statistics is an advantage.

Programme Structure: For the full course structure of the programme, please see the programme guidebook Karolinka.

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