Geopolitical Studies (GPS)

Geopolitical Studies (GPS)

The GPS is focused on understanding how the world works in the age of unprecedented connectivity, security downgrade, and growing geostrategic tensions. Students learn why geography may be a tyranny but also country´s greatest advantage. In the GPS you will become skilled at geopolitical and geoeconomic analysis, gain empirical knowledge of regions and countries, develop your analytical, writing, and argumentation skills as well as understand cutting-edge theories. In the GPS you will be taught by leading academic specialists with extensive policy networks and practitioners to understand the geopolitical landscape and events shaping the environment in which states and businesses operate. In addition to a robust empirical and theoretical knowledge, the GPS as a career-focused program emphasizes hands-on experience and offers practically oriented courses such as Political Risk Analysis, Geopolitical Debates, Geopolitics of Defence Industry and Arms Trade, or Internship. 

The GPS programme is part of the double degree scheme in collaboration with National Taiwan University (NTU). It offers a limited number of places to the students of both institutions. Based on the selection process organized during the first year, several GPS students will have a chance to get the second diploma in East Asian Studies at NTU during the second year.

Application submission deadlines

Early-bird application deadline: 29. 02. 2024
The early-bird deadline is strongly recommended for students from visa-seeking countries. Please, be aware that it is the student's responsibility to obtain a visa before enrolling in the programme.

Regular application deadline: 30. 04. 2024

Basic information

Programme Duration: 2 years

Language of Instruction: English

Programme Director: doc. Martin Riegl, Ph.D. (

Programme Coordinator: Mgr. Bohumil Doboš, Ph.D.(

Admission Administration:

Tuition Fee: 7 000 EUR per year

Reduction or Waiving the Fee: The Faculty of Social Sciences offers a set of scholarships and fee reductions. Conditions and terms can be found here.

Requirements for Application: See the full list here.

Study Prerequisites: The programme is open to students who have completed a Bachelor's degree (or equivalent). Prior study of political science, international relations or geopolitics is not required. However, excellent background in political science is an advantage.

Programme Structure: For the full course structure of the programme, please see the programme guidebook Karolinka.

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