Erasmus Mundus Journalism, Media and Globalisation (EMJ)

Erasmus Mundus Journalism, Media and Globalisation (EMJ)

EMJ offers a unique educational experience with students studying and living in at least two European countries. The first year of the degree is spent with the entire cohort in Denmark at both Aarhus University and the Danish School of Media and Journalism. The second year sees students split into smaller groups that move to either Charles University, Prague, Czechia or the University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. In addition, selected students will get the unique opportunity to substitute their second-semester courses in Denmark with courses taken at one of the prestigious universities, such as University of California, Berkley, USA; University of Technology Sydney, Australia; City, University of London, UK and more.

At a general level, the programme focuses on analytical skills needed to identify and analyse cultural, political, and technological challenges to and opportunities for journalism across the globe. It combines theoretical, methodological and practical perspectives. Students can choose the specialisation of their study for the second year. The Prague's programme offers the Totalitarianism & Transition Specialisation. This specialisation gives students a solid understanding of the contemporary history of post-totalitarian countries. Students work with key issues facing journalism in light of ongoing political, market related and technological transformations. Obtained theoretical knowledge becomes the point of departure for the practical courses in audio, video and multimedia journalism production. It makes a perfect point of departure for future employment, e.g. in foreign correspondence.

Application submission deadlines

Application submission deadline 10. 01. 2024

Basic Information

Programme Duration: 2 years

Language of Instruction: English

Programme Director: doc. PhDr. Alice Němcová Tejkalová, Ph.D. (

Programme Coordinator: Mgr. Sandra Lábová, Ph.D. (

Admission Administration:

Tuition Fee: See the information on the official EMJ website here.

Scholarship: See the information on Erasmus Mundus Scholarships here.

Admission Requirements: See the full list here 

Study Prerequisites: The programme is open to students who have completed a Bachelor's degree (or equivalent) in a related programme study and have at least three months of journalistic experience.

Programme Structure: For the full course structure of the programme, please see the programme guidebook Karolinka.

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