Detailed Information

Detailed Information


To complete the programme, the students must:

a) collect 120 ECTS credits, b) submit their Master’s Thesis and c) pass the Final State Examination, which includes the defence of their Master’s Thesis.


Mandatory courses introduce the students to economics and political science (including international relations and political philosophy. Elective courses (which are divided into four thematic modules) then enable students to deepen their knowledge and understanding of economics, politics as well as related disciplines. Finally, the students may elect to take also some off-field optional courses at any department of Charles University or at any partner university (for example, as part of the Erasmus exchange programme). These credits can also be used to follow the Czech language classes offered by the Faculty of Social Sciences.

For more detailed information about the curriculum and for the list of mandatory and elective courses, please see the official catalogue of courses (a.k.a. Karolinka).