Change of Grading System at FSV UK

Change of Grading System at FSV UK

Due to modifications of the internal regulations the Faculty of Social Sciences has changed the system of classification from 1-4 grading scale to internationally recognized A-F grading system, often referred to as ECTS grading. For easier understanding we offer an explanation of the individual grades:

  • A – Excellent. The student has shown excellent performance, originality and displayed an exceptional grasp of the subject.
  • B – Very Good. The student understands the subject well and has shown some originality of thought. Above the average performance, but with some errors.
  • C – Good. Generally sound work with a number of notable errors.
  • D – Satisfactory. The student has shown some understanding of the subject matter, but has not succeeded in translating this understanding into consistently original work. Overall good performance with a number of significant errors.
  • E – Sufficient. Acceptable performance with significant drawbacks. Performance meets the minimum requirements.
  • F – Fail. The student has not succeeded in mastering the subject matter of the course.
  • Z – Pass/Credit. Where a course is completed by a study requirement other than examination, it is not graded, but is recorded as “Zápočet (Z).” This is in effect a Pass in a two-tier Pass/Fail grading system.

The recommendation for using the A-F classification is as follows: To evaluate the student's performance in percentage (0-100 %) and providing the evaluation accordingly

0-50 % = F,

51-60 % = E,

61-70 % = D,

71-80 % = C,

81-90 % = B,

91% and more = A.

We hope that you will accept this change positively because of its undeniable advantages:

  1. Simplified recognition of courses studied abroad (most European universities use the conversion scale A-F, the conversion from 1-4 grading scale was not quite accurate).
  2. Refinement of the grading scale (6-degree scale gives the teacher the opportunity to more distinguish student performance than with the 4-degree scale).
  3. Intelligibility for incoming/exchange students or international students studying at FSV UK (percentage or A-F grade scale is the most widespread).