Emergency contacts

Emergency Contacts

Emergency phone line 112 (Integrated Rescue System) 

Charles University email address emergency@cuni.cz

Support in Emergency and Crisis Situations

In regard of the increasing number of emergencies and crisis situations concerning Charles University students having study exchanges abroad, as well as foreign students at Charles University, the rector of Charles University issues the following statement to minimize the impact of these situations on students.

This provision solely relates to the student mobility involving inter-university agreements, and/or Program Erasmus+. In other cases (inter-faculty mobility), please contact IO FSV UK.

The role of Charles University is supportive, and help of any kind depends on the student’s interest. Charles University identifies the following types of emergencies and crisis situations that are considered as serious:

(A) victim of serious crime;

(B) natural/man-made crisis (large natural disasters, epidemics, large traffic accidents, political/social crisis, war, terrorism etc.)

Charles University is not able to provide support in other situations (loss or theft of personal documents, property or money, financial crisis, visa consulting, legal work issues, court litigation as a result of misdemeanour/crime, etc.)

Information for outgoing students

Students must before their departure::

1. Get sufficient health insurance valid in the country of the study stay.

2. Register into the system of Voluntary Registration of Czech Republic Citizens Traveling Abroad (DROZD).

3. Provide the university with the valid contact information (including the contact to relative/emergency contact person), which is functional abroad, and affidavit.

After the departure students can contact Charles University via the e-mail address pomoc@cuni.cz.

In case of an urgent crisis, it’s absolutely necessary to contact the local embassy or a consulate of the Czech Republic immediately. For the contact list of Czech embassies, including emergency lines, click here.


WE RECOMMEND saving emergency numbers to your phone before the departure!

Information for incoming students

Foreign students must upon their arrival:

1. Have health insurance valid for the Czech Republic.

2. Provide valid contact information (including contact to a relative/ emergency contact person).

In need of help, the student can contact Charles University using the e-mail address emergency@cuni.cz.

In case of an urgent crisis, dial the emergency phone line 112 (Integrated Rescue System) or contact your Embassy or Consulate. WE RECOMMEND saving emergency contacts on your phone in advance!

In need of medical assistance, more information can be found in the section Medical Care and Health Insurance.