Sustainability Working Group


The working group deals with activities to support the sustainable development of our faculty. We emphasize operational matters and are open to various ideas from the academic community. Our main goal is to improve the environment in which we study and work. In addition, we want to develop the topic on a theoretical level and to further support the theoretical knowledge of our students in this direction.


Visions, Plans, and Activities

The Sustainability Working Group seeks to find ways how to sustainably operate and develop FSV UK. Its activities build on the Strategic Plan of Charles University and focus on four key areas of development:

1. Management and organization (with a focus on communication with the faculty‘s management)

Our vision is to offer elements of sustainability and responsibility to the faculty’s management. 

  • We are working on the implementation of requirements concerning a green procurement of public tenders.
  • We educate the persons involved from different institutes in the area of green purchasing and we offer good practice options to them.

2. Management and operation of buildings

Our vision is to create a welcoming faculty environment with a minimal environmental footprint.

  • We are actively working to reduce our carbon footprint and the burden on our natural environment.
  • In 2023, a Green Office audit was conducted in the Jinonice building in cooperation with the non-profit organization Veronica. This audit will also continue in the Hollar Building and the Opletalova Street Building.

3. Education, science, and research

Our vision is to offer quality education to our faculty students that is enriched with knowledge in the field of sustainable development and the ability to implement it in practice.

  • We create a space for academic staff members to share their experiences in teaching subjects focused on sustainability and responsibility.
  • Members of the working group teach or prepare courses with such outreach. 
  • We organize interesting educational activities for students (lectures, discussions, but also swaps, film projections on the topic), which bring them closer to a deeper understanding of the topic and the concept of sustainable development.
  • We conduct research on topics related to sustainable development.

4. Third role and external cooperation

Our vision is to engage with the wider professional community through practical research on the one hand and active or passive cooperation with practice on the other.  

  • We also involve students in practical projects that have an impact on the wider public. For example, in cooperation with ICSJ (Institute of Communication Studies and Journalism) students, manuals are being developed for sustainable communication without greenwashing.


Start sorting bio-waste with us at FSV UK

Students and employees of FSV UK now have the opportunity to sort bio-waste. At the initiative of the Sustainability Working Group, a new rotating two-chamber compost bin has been placed in the Jinonice Campus between buildings B and C. It enables bio-waste processing into a nutritious compost that we can use as a source of nutrients for plants at the faculty and in the surrounding area. More information can be found here.


Earth Day Challenge 2024 

The FSV UK Sustainability Working Group has prepared a challenge for the global Earth Day in cooperation with The Climate Change section of the Solutions Story Tracker contains over 1 000 smart ideas. Find those which could/should be applied in your community, region, or country, and summarize each replicable solution in 4-10 sentences here. Selected topics will be published on and rewarded. 

earth day challenge


Earth Day at FSV UK took place on 22 April 2024. We prepared a swap of indoor plants, cuttings, seeds and flower pots, a presentation of posters for you and a meeting of the FSV UK academic and scientific staff on the topic of sustainability took place as well. 


Sustainability Days took place at FSV UK from 2 to 5 October 2023. We prepared sustainable breakfast for you, books and clothes swap and a movie screening. 

Sustainability Days


  • Our vision is loosely linked to the Sustainability Strategy of Charles University, which was introduced in 2023. You can find out more about it and the individual action plans here or here.