PhDr. Vilém Novotný, Ph.D.

PhDr. Vilém Novotný, Ph.D.


  • Department of Public and Social Policy


Telephone: +420 778 464 946


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Rooms: No. C226, Jinonice, building C

ResearcherID: E-9764-2018

Scopus Author ID: 55802008000

ORCID ID: 0000-0002-2663-4517

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Contributions in the conference proceedings

1/2019-Present – Czech Science Foundation (GACR) “Conceptualizing Multiple Streams Framework as Scientific Research Program: Systematic
Perspective on Its Development,” research project No. 19-23794S; Principal investigator
1/2016-12/2018 – Czech Science Foundation (GACR) “Does Policy Design Matter? A Comparative Study of Target Populations in the Czech Republic,” research project No. 16-14292S; Principal investigator: Martin Nekola, project collaborator
02/2013-12/2015 – Czech Science Foundation (GACR) “Policy-Related Expertise in Czech Political Parties," research project No. 13-20962S; Principal investigator: Michel Perottino, project senior collaborator
01/2012-12/2014 – Czech Science Foundation (GACR) “Policy Workers in the Czech Public Administration: Practices, Professional Values and Identity,” research project No. P404/12/0725; Principal investigator: Arnošt Veselý, project collaborator
01/2009-12/2011 – Municipality of Prague/European Union “From Practice to Theory and Back: Innovating the Master’s and Doctoral Programs in Public and Social Policy” – project OPPA CZ.2.17/3.1.00/31197; Principal investigator: Martin Potůček, project collaborator
01/2009-12/2011 – Czech Science Foundation (GACR) “The Czech Left Face to Face to the ´Third Way´: Internal Development in International Comparison,” research project No. 407/09/0141; Principal investigator: Milan Znoj, project collaborator responsible for the working group on public policy
05/2008-12/2009 – Charles University Science Foundation (GAUK) “Welfare State as a Referential Frame of Scientific Research and Political Activity,” research project No. 70608; Principal investigator: Martin Polášek, co-investigator
04/2007-12/2010 – Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sports “Visions and Strategies of the Development of Czech Society within the EU” – part of the joint Research Intent of the Faculties of Social Sciences and Arts, Charles University in Prague MSM0021620841; Principal investigator: Martin Potůček; project collaborator

Research Axis 1: Policy Process Research - Multiple Streams Framework, governance of universities
Research Axis 2: Policy - Political Parties Relations - regulation of political parties, war on drought
Research Axis 3: Development of Study of Public Policy - scientific research programs (Lakatos)

policy process research, Multiple Streams Framework; policy - political parties relations, regulation of political parties, war on drought; development of public policy studies