Why is it important to be registered?

Why is it important to be registered as a student with special educational needs?

The registration is your right, not an obligation. You may come to the conclusion that you will attempt to pursue your studies with no modifications. Nevertheless, as you cannot be fully acquainted with all the study requirements and potential risks in advance, it is strongly recommended to undergo the registration process, since only a student who is registered as a student with special educational needs can make use of the services and support offered. 

If you do not encounter any insurmountable obstacle in the course of your studies, you do not need to claim any modifications at all. On the other hand, when a problem emerges and it is found that a student has refused the registration before, he/she should expect that as a result, his/her access to the modifications will be significantly more difficult.

Data gathered during student documentation is treated as confidential, sensitive information. The circle of faculty staff with access to all the information is very limited (the contact person for students with special educational needs, the respective student services officer, the vice-dean for study affairs). Other persons (primarily teachers) can access the outputs of the diagnostics, only if a student approaches them with the request for modification.