Trade Union


The trade union has been active at the Faculty of Social Sciences since 2009, and its main mission, according to the statutes of the University Trade Union (VOS), is mainly:

  • to defend the rights and interests of its members, foster their social, economic, and professional requirements, and meet their other needs; the aim is to promote fair labour and social conditions for members of the VOS vis-à-vis employers and public authorities,
  • to propose changes to improve the existing working and living conditions of female and male employees of universities (i.e., not only members but also non-unionised academic, technical and economic staff) and doctoral students; the aim is to enable universities and the people who work in them to fulfil their goals better and to strengthen good relations between employees and employers.

In line with this mission, the union has performed the following at the Faculty of Social Sciences in recent years:

- defended the rights and interests of its members

  • provided legal advice to several union members
  • requested information on problematic or controversial cases of termination or change of employment relationships with certain employees and have consulted with both the employees concerned and the management of FSV

- proposed changes to improve the existing working and living conditions of male and female staff

  • advocated the use of the Social Fund as a meaningful tool for the implementation of the employee benefits policy
  • advocated setting individual employee benefits (especially the minimum hours requirement) in such a way that they are as accessible as possible and support those employees who need them most
  • been instrumental in maintaining an exceptionally favourable voice and data service offer for FSV employees and their family members
  • participated in the activities of the Coordinating Trade Union Council of Charles University (KOR UK)
  • participated in the negotiation of the collective agreement within KOR UK

The trade union is the Basic Organisation of the University Trade Union – ZO VOS No. 1124. Legally, it is a branch association with its own ID number. The mission of the organisation and its rules of operation are governed by the VOS Statutes and are also in line with the role of trade unions as defined by the Labour Code and the Collective Bargaining Act.


There are at least two motivations for joining a union.

The first motivation is to express support for the principles and message of the union as represented by the University Union.

The second is the opportunity to take an active role in advancing one's ideas about fair labour and social conditions at the college and university, particularly through collective bargaining. This means also – in more challenging situations – the possibility of legal advice.

In addition to the motivations mentioned above, membership is also conditional on a willingness to pay the annual membership fee, which is currently CZK 600 (deductible from VAT), and to attend the annual membership meeting once a year. All elected positions in the union are performed on a voluntary basis and without renumeration.

Interested employees should write to



Chairperson: Mgr. Eva M. Hejzlarová, Ph.D.


Mgr. Ing. Olga Angelovská, Ph.D.,

PhDr. Jan Křeček, Ph.D.,

PhDr. Vilém Novotný, Ph.D.,

PhDr. Irena Reifová, Ph.D.,

Doc. PhDr. Michal Smetana, Ph.D.