Services provided by PAC FSV UK

The Faculty of Social Sciences offers institutes and other departments standard services in the field of public relations. However, do not hesitate to contact us with any issue related to promotion, advertising and PR, even beyond this basic list.






Head of Office:



Mgr. Barbora Pergl Buřičová

promotion of Czech study programmes

recruitment activities, support of student events

222 112 285 

Staff members:


Mgr. Linda Sequensová

FSV UK promotion

administration of the website, news and social media in Czech

faculty newsletter

222 112 278

Mgr. Klára Hyláková

FSV UK spokeswoman

communication with media, media monitoring

media support of faculty events

778 743 979

Mgr. Monika Markéta Šmídová

promotion of English study programmes

administration of the website and social media in English

222 112 286
Mgr. et Mgr. Nikola Havlová

internal communication

staff bulletin, LinkedIn

222 112 179
PhDr. Sylvie Fišerová offers for students, career counselling
Dominika Kovačovičová FSV UK merch

Services provided by PAC FSV UK

Internal and external communication

  • adding information to the website news, newsletters and social networks - depending on the nature of the information 
  • sharing of the supplied press release – faculty website and media list
  • assistance with securing of the institutes' advertisement – the advertisement is paid for by the institutes
  • promotion, preparation and assignment of advertisement of English-taught degree programmes in Czechia and abroad 
  • representation of the faculty/institutes at educational fairs in Czechia and abroad 
  • flyers and gift promotional items for open days and the institutes' own presentations (according to the current stock)

Services mediation

  • securing a photographer for documentation of faculty events - we mediate, the service is paid for by the institutes
  • graphic and printing services (except those provided by us for everyone: we provide contact, paid by the institutes)

Promotional items

  • the offer changes according to the current stock - pens, pads, folders, bags, adhesive bookmarks, pins, notebooks, stickers and any other small promotional items - in normal quantities provided free of charge (up to 50 pcs.) 
  • promotional items of higher value – mugs, ties, bow ties, brooches, scarves, etc. - paid for by the departments 
  • provision of UK promotional items - paid for by the institutes
  • sale of FSV UK merch (clothing, mugs, Papelote stationery and more)

Rollup banners

The rollups in Czech and English are available in Hollar building. To borrow a rollup, please contact PAC (

red logo, CZ

červené logo, CZ

white logo, CZ

bílé logo, CZ



red logo, EN

bílé logo, CZ

white logo, EN

bílé logo, EN

We are #FSVUK

We are #FSVUK

You can also borrow: 

  • flipchart – contact the Dean's assistant 
  • minicaster – allowing the video broadcast - contact RTL

Media monitoring

We regularly post a monthly monitoring of "FSV UK" and "Fakulta sociálních věd" keywords (Czech only). If you want to set your own monitoring for a part of FSV UK, you can login to Newton through the library and login to CAS.