Special episode of De Facto podcast in English with VJ Nerva

Special episode of De Facto podcast in English with VJ Nerva

Why did he choose Prague and IES FSV UK for his university studies? How did the studies prepare him for his professional career? Why is he interested in volunteering? 

Listen to the special episode of De Facto podcast in English with VJ Nerva, the graduate from the Institute of Economic Studies, who currently works as a the head of innovation and acceleration for Europe, Middle East and Africa in Bobcat company.

"I'm in touch with different continents, even though I am responsible for Europe, Middle East, Africa, I work with Asia, I work with North America, I have no timings. That's why you can ask me to come at 4PM here today because I start working in the morning, I take a break, I work out a bit, then I work again, then I work with the Asian and European markets. Its a very unorthodox style of working but I think this is where we are heading as globalisation spreads far and beyond that you work for value - you don’t work for work and if there is no value there is no point of working. Thats what I believe in as well that you shouldn’t be tied up in a sechdules, a schedule is good to have but you should be flexible enough to say what you need to prioritise, where there is value. If there is value, you need to prioritise that as your number one," the IES FSV UK graduate describes his working day.

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