Expert group for Ukraine

Expert group for Ukraine

The Expert Group for Ukraine (EGU) was established at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University (FSV UK).

It is an interdisciplinary policy group consisting of experts and academics from various fields of study at FSV UK. They will regularly offer research-based contributions to ongoing debates in society in the form of policy briefs.

The topics of individual policy briefs will cover a wide range of FSV UK expertise (economics, sociology, international studies, political studies and media studies).

Members of EGU

Tomáš Karásek head of EGU, dean of FSV UK

Emil Aslan Institute of Political Sudies

Bohumil Doboš Institute of Political Sudies

Slavomír Horák Institute of International Studies

Marie Jelínková Institute of Sociological Studies

Ondřej Klípa Institute of International Studies

Michal Parízek Institute of Political Sudies

Michael Romancov Institute of Political Sudies

Vilém Semerák Institute of Economic Studies

Anna Shavit Institute of Communication Studies and Journalism

Karel Svoboda Institute of International Studies

Tomáš Weiss Institute of International Studies


Contact for media

Kristýna Pružinová spokesperson of FSV UK

Policy briefs

Our experts in foreign media

Our experts in Czech media