Inter-university Agreements - Mobility of Academics

Inter-university Agreements - Mobility of Academics

Some of the interuniversity agreements that Charles University concludes with foreign partner universities promotes the mobility of researchers, PhD and post-doctoral students. These are short-term (one- to three-week) research, study and lecture visits, which the employees arrange in advance with their foreign partners.
Numbers of academic mobilities are contractually defined (number of days and people per year), subject to reciprocity and current financial conditions at both universities. Participation in academic mobility is by no means claimative or automatic.

A complete list of partner universities of Charles University currently involved in academic mobility schemes can be found here.

One-month scholarships offer for academics for stays at partner universities in 2024

As in previous years, our partner universities offer several month-long scholarships stays for academics within the framework of interuniversity cooperation.
These universities are:
Universität zu Köln
• 1 one-month-long scholarship for academics– 2000 EUR/month
Universität Hamburg
• 5 one-month-long scholarships for academics – 1900 EUR/month

Required attachments:
a) Academic Visitor Application (needs to be signed by the applicant and the head of the department or the director of the institute)
b) Invitation letter for academics

We kindly ask academics to send all documents to the International offices of the faculties by 5th December 2023 to Marie Stanovská, email

Call for mobility in the calendar year 2024

The deadline for application submission for the calendar year 2024 is set to 12/12/2023

  • the application documents for all foreign partner universities shall be sent  to Marie Stanovská
    • electronically to the email:
    •  by internal post to International Office, Faculty of Social Sciences, Hollar Building

The mobility of researchers in non-European countries can be discussed individually at any time during the year.

Who can apply:

a) scientific and teaching staff of all faculties of Charles University, incl. postdoctoral students (in regular employment with Charles University, not freelancers),

b) PhD students in all faculties of Charles University

Application Process

The applicant contacts his/her current/potential scientific partner at a contracted foreign university and agrees with him/her on the specific content and purpose of his/her stay. Based on the agreement, the applicant prepares the application form in one original copy (please do not staple) including:

  1. Academic Visitor Application – Application Form (must be signed by the applicant plus the head of the department or the director of the institute)
  2. Invitation letter from a foreign partner proving the consent of the purpose of the applicant's stay. Please, provide the invitation letter on the letterhead of the partner’s university.
  3. Justification for multiple stays (concerning applications for more than 2 trips a year to one country).

    General selection criteria

    The applications from academics are evaluated based on these criteria:

    - mutually beneficial cooperation

    - perspective of long-term cooperation

    - support for junior scientists

    - new scientists and new disciplines

    - reciprocity

    The weight of the criteria varies from one partner university to another, depending on the priorities of the university's international strategy.

    Three-stage selection procedure

      1) Faculty of Charles University

      The application that meets all requirements shall be approved by the head of the department. At the faculty level, the Vice-Dean for Foreign Affairs shall decide on the nominations. 

      2) Rectorate of Charles University

      The Vice-Rector for International Relations and Mobility shall decide on nominations on the CU level. 

      3) Foreign university

      The nominations submitted by the Vice-Rector are subject to an approval process at the level of the rectorate of the partner university. Nominations received are announced through the International Office FSV UK, usually during January/ February.

      ​​​​​​​Financial backing of the stay

      The host university contributes to the living expenses (ie. accommodation and per diets). The level of contributions varies from country to country and is also governed by the university’s current financial capacity.

      In case a foreign university does not have sufficient financial resources to cover subsistence costs or can only partially cover them the researcher must secure an additional source of funding.

      The faculty of Charles university contributes to travel expenses according to internal rules, at FSV UK the academic has to secure finances on the institute level. 


      Obligations of academic mobility participants

      • report the agreed date of your stay to OZS FSV (unless it is specified in the application form or if there is a change),
      • Immediately report a possible cancellation of your stay to OZS FSV so your spot can be offered to other interested parties,
      • fill in the Report of a foreign trip (Závěrečná zpráva ze zahraniční cesty), let it sign by the head of the department, and submit it to the International Office of the Faculty which will forward it to the International Relations Office at the Rectorate. (within 14 days after your return)

      The above-mentioned conditions and procedure only apply to the agreements with universities from Germany, Finland, Latvia, Poland, Slovakia, and Greece. In the case of other countries, the agreements are framework and do not specify the conditions of academic stays, do not ensure financing, and no nomination from the Charles University rectorate is required. It is therefore not necessary for applications to go through the CU rectorate approval process. In these cases, academics arrange their stay directly with the receiving workplace according to the conditions of the host university, and the faculty only informs the rectorate about the employee's departure. If
      assistance from the CU rectorate is necessary in communicating with the host university, please contact the coordinator for the given region.

      Partner universities

      The list of Inter-university agreements that the Faculty of Social Sciences participates on:

      Armenia Yerevan State University
      Australia Griffith University
        Macquarie University
        University of Melbourne
        University of Queensland
      Bulgaria Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridsky
      Brazil Universidade de São Paulo
      Canada Concordia University
        McGill University
        Simon Fraser University
        Université de Montréal
        University of Toronto
      Chile Universidad de Chile
      China Renmin University
      France L'Ecole des hautes études en sciences sociales, Paris
      Georgia Free University of Tbilisi
        Tbilisi Ivane Javakhishvili State University
      Germany Goethe Universität Frankfurt am Main
        Justus-Liebig-Universität Giessen
        Technische Universität Dresden
        Universität Bayreuth
        Universität Bonn
        Universität des Saarlandes
        Universität Heidelberg
        Universität Leipzig
      Hungary Eötvös Loránd University
      Israel Hebrew University of Jerusalem
        Tel Aviv University
      Japan Doshisha University
        Kobe University
        Ritsumeikan University
        Tokyo University for Foreign Studies
        University of Tsukuba
        Waseda University
      Kazakhstan Kazakh Ablai Khan University
      Latvia University of Latvia
      Lithuania Vilnius University
      Luxembourg Université du Luxembourg
      Mexico Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey
        Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
      New Zealand University of Otago
      Norway University of Oslo
      Peru Universidad de Lima
      Russia Lomonosov Moscow State University
        St. Petersburg State University
      Serbia University of Belgrade
      Singapore Nanyang Technological University
      Slovakia Comenius University in Bratislava
        Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra
        Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Košice
      Slovenia University of Ljubljana
      South Africa University of Pretoria
      South Korea Hankuk University for Foreign Studies
        Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
        Korea University
        Kyung Hee University
        Seoul National University
        Sungkyunkwan University, Seoul
      Switzerland Universität Basel
      Taiwan Tamkang University
      Ukraine Ivan Franko National University of Lviv
        Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv
      USA Kansas State University
        North Carolina State University
        State University of New York at New Paltz
        University of New Orleans
        University of Oregon
        University of St. Thomas
        University of Washington
      Vietnam Vietnam National University, Hanoi


      For more information contact Exchange Program Coordinator: Ms Marie Stanovská, email: