Individual Academic Mobility

Individual Academic Mobility

If you would like to travel abroad to spend a teaching or research period at a university or other research institution outside the framework of the established mobility programmes used by Charles University, you can take advantage of a wide range of other programmes and opportunities listed on this site. These programmes are organized by universities and research institutes abroad, as well as by educational foundations, institutions attached to foreign embassies, national governments, non-profit governmental organizations, etc.

Please note that it is your entire responsibility to arrange all necessary formalities. These offers may be partly or fully funded by the receiving institution abroad; if this is not possible, you are responsible for covering all necessary costs yourself.

Fulbright programmes deadlines

Current dates for Fulbright Commission programs:

The deadline for the 2nd wave of applications to the Fulbright Specialist program is December 15, 2023

Fulbright Specialist allows a 2-6 week stay of an American expert. As part of the program, the visiting Specialist can give lectures, participate in workshops, specialized academic programs and conferences or organize and lead them, help with the development and improvement of curricula and teaching materials or contribute to the training of university teachers, help with the adoption of technology, develop soft skills such as for example, academic writing, etc.

The program is not intended for individual research.

This offer applies to the traditional allocation of 5 Specialists in the Czech Republic, with partial co-financing by the host institution.

All information, including the online application and instructions, can be found at, any ambiguities and questions can be consulted, please write to


The deadline for the 2024/2025 research studentship is 1 February 2024

Visiting Student Researcher is an excellent opportunity for students of master's and above all doctoral programs for research projects in all fields (except clinical medicine) related to diploma or dissertation theses, to supplement research, etc.

Stays are in the range of 4-9 months at the university of your choice.

All information, including the online application and instructions, can be found at

Please contact Andrea Semacová with questions


The deadline for the Fulbright-Schuman program for 2024/2025 is December 1, 2023

The Fulbright-Schuman program is intended for research projects focused on EU-US relations, issues of the EU or its institutions. It also offers a scholarship to academic administrators. The program is administered by the Fulbright Commission in Belgium, more information and contacts can be found at: