Public and Social Policy (PSP)

Public and Social Policy (PSP)

Two-year English-language Master’s degree programme aims to provide students with current relevant knowledge of policy-making process and cultivate their analytical skills. It is taught by members of the Institute of Sociological Studies (ISS).

In addition to theoretical knowledge about policy-making process, the programme will offer deeper knowledge in concrete policy domains such as social policy, health policy, educational policy, employment policy or others. The special attention in the programme will be given to research methodology and policy analysis skills. The combination of knowledge about policy process and methodology skills will lead to unique competences and excellent professional employment or for further studying or research career.

The graduates will acquire the knowledge and skills that enable them to effectively and efficiently perform analytical, conceptual, organizational, interactive and managing tasks in creating and implementing public and social policies within international context. By the same token, graduates will be able pursue an academic career in the Czech Republic or elsewhere. In addition, graduates will be experts in concrete policy domains, such as health policy, educational policy, employment policy or others.

Detailed information

Programme Duration: 2 years

Language of Instruction: English

Academic Supervisor: Doc. PhDr. Pavol Frič, PhD. (

Academic Coordinator: Mgr. Karolína Dobiášová (

Admission Administration:


The programme is developed in accordance with almost twenty years’ experience with the Czech program on Public and Social Policy. It will, however, be supplemented by experience with already existing English courses and realized international research programs. Similarly, the comparative dimension will be enhanced. The theoretical grounds of the discipline will be covered especially in courses Public Policy a Social Policy. The knowledge about concrete policy domains will be provided in courses Educational Policy, Health Policy a Civil Society in Central Europe. Methodological knowledge and skills will be developed in courses Policy Analysis, Introduction to Social Research Methodology, Statistics in SPSS, Text, Narrative & Discourse Analysis a Diploma Seminar I a II. During the program, both individual and collective students?’ work on concrete social and policy problems will be sustained.

The graduates of the programme will have current knowledge about policy-making process and they will be able to analyse these processes creatively and independently, using both quantitative and qualitative research methodology. Graduates of this program will attain the knowledge and skills required to gain employment as professionals not only in the public sector, but also in non-profit organizations and private companies.


Study prerequisites

The PSP programme is open only to students who have already completed a Bachelors degree (or equivalent) in a related programme of study.


Graduation requirements

To complete the programme the students must collect 120 ECTS credits, defend their Master’s Thesis and pass the final state examination.


Course structure and study requirements

Total number of all required credits (ECTS): 120

Compulsory courses: 71 ECTS

Elective courses: 37 ECTS

Optional course: 12 ECTS

Defence of Master’s Thesis

Final state examination

Find the course structure of full-time study programme in Karolinka (information e-brochure about programmes).


Tuition fees

  • 6 000 EUR per year

Please note that these fees cover only the cost of instruction and examinations, and that students are responsible for paying their own living expenses (food, lodging, etc.).


Reducing or Waiving the Fee

The Faculty of Social Sciences wants to support the future students and their studies. Therefore we offer a set of scholarships and fee reductions!

Conditions for reducing or waiving the fee for study in a foreign language at FSV UK can be found here.