Research Office

Research Office

The Research Office supports the Faculty research activities by providing information through the website and e-mail, active search for information, support and coordination of publishing activities, advisory service during the preparation and resolution of the grant projects and active support in organization of scientific conferences and seminars. It also prepares materials for the Research Board meetings and provides administrative support for habilitation and appointment procedures.  


Research office

Fakulta sociálních věd, Univerzita Karlova

Smetanovo nábř. 6

110 01 Praha 1

1st floor (room no. 114)






Head of office:      

Mgr. Eva Horníčková

GAČR projects, intrauniversity programmes Progres, Primus, UNCE, GAUK, START, Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, specific university research, scientific results evaluation

222 112 267

Staff members:      
Mgr. Tereza Broučková Research Board, international grant programmes (except for H2020), ERASMUS+ programme, foundation programmes, Norway grants, academic awards 222 112 232
Mgr. Sylvie Burianová, Ph.D.

Innovation scout – applied research (TAČR calls, applied sectorial research); contract research; research public procurement; research application in practice, contact point of  the Centre for Knowledge and Technology Transfer

Seat: Voršilská 144/1 Praha 1, room no. 506 –  by appointment only

224 090 513
Ing. Pavlína Hillerová, M.A.

ERC projects, International Advisory Board of the Faculty

Seat: Voršilská 144/1 Praha 1, room no. 506 –  by appointment only

224 090 521

Bc. Simona Šubrtová

Habilitation procedures and full professorship appointment procedures, editorial activities coordination

222 112 290

Lenka Zemanová, CertHE

Horizont 2020, Horizon Europe, European Commission Directorates-General grant calls

222 112 171